A Golden Rule For Beach House Weekends

Aargh, I’m such an idiot!!

After a lovely weekend at Jervis Bay, Minnie the Minx and I drove back to Sydney last night… fuming!

Which is when this golden rule for beach house weekends struck me - and hard.

Never make plans for a Monday morning.

They mean you have to come home.


girl cycles along path Vincentia

This could have been our Monday morning view!

And why on earth would we have come home?

The sky was blue, the sun was hot, the waves were rippling, boogie board-perfect.

There was milk in the fridge, ice cream in the freezer.

School on a Monday morning is quite unnecessary when you’re six.

But this eejit mother has a 9am appointment at the school of Giant Teen. Then one with the doctor at 11.30am.

There are three other school happenings this week and too much other stuff. So we didn’t cancel and stay.

We came home, reluctantly and with lashings of extra whinging.

felt picture of boat

Here’s what I see from the beach house bed, this gorgeous felt picture made by my clever elder sister Mairi.

So, it’s in a spirit of harumphing that I wish you well for the week.

Fingers crossed I remember my own golden rule next time we head down south.

Jeez, I love that beach house and the gorgeous glories of Jervis Bay!

Do you fancy cancelling your normal Monday this week?

Yours in distress




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  1. I just love those images, especially the one of the beautiful beach. Yesterday was a stunning day, wasn’t it. I can understand your frustration and disappointment at having to come home. Good luck with the meeting at the school re the teen – I’ve been summonsed to a few of those and it’s never good! xx

    • Hello, we survived the meeting… first of many actually as we try to help the Giant Teen work out his future… perhaps not Year 11 and 12 at school for him. I must read your Fig Tart, will pop over once have settled this daughter who isn’t well today.

  2. The state of your feelings suggests it was the perfect weekend. My friend the ailment Monday itis has been well documented for centuries. Believe me you are not alone.

    • It was such a good and girly weekend, myself and my friend, three girls aged 11, 6 and 5. A lot of ice cream and Barbie movies. Very pleasant!!

  3. ABSOLUTELY !!! I was 1/2 hr late for work because I just couldn’t get myself moving !!!
    Hope everything works out well – glad you and Miss 6 had a good weekend !!!
    Love, hugs and positive energy.

  4. After a busy/active/hectic weekend, I am usually relieved that Monday has rolled around again. Does that make me ‘odd’ or do I just need to buy a holiday house? Loving the felt work though – respect for your sister!

    • That’s the brilliant thing about escaping at the weekend, so much less son. And with just one of the offspring! It was a real wee holiday for me.

      When it’s just me with the four of them, when hubby is working away, for sure, I am over the moon when Monday morning dawns!

  5. BAD ORGANISING! Is that Hyams Beach?

    • Hello Mrs W, not Hyams but just down the road, it’s Murray’s beach… and that photo has gone a bit dark. Great spot that beach. Chez nous is on Collingwood in Vincentia and it was so gorgeous yesterday, hardly anyone there too.

      Still grumpy!

  6. Ah! I recognise that. it’s not always Mondays, but that scheduling in without thinking it all through and then ending up squeezing things or having to drop them. For me practicing slowing down and creating ease in my day helps a lot, and trying to remember to STOP and think before i act, whatever IT may be. X

  7. ps. Can’t quite believe I made that !!

    • It is really beautiful Mairi, and I don’t know how you did it either, t must be so hard to get all the wool placed and so delicately. It’s the most lovely artwork. You NEED to pop over to see it in situ!

  8. Simple Seana. Move down here permanent like. xx

    • I so, so, so would Kate… those pesky kids though…. the house is too small to live in all the time. Re-build!! Boarding school!!!

  9. Oh that sucks. Maybe you should have pulled a sickie. I know it’s hard cancelling stuff because then you just have to work out new appointments but it does look glorious there and the pic is divine.

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