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Fresh air, family fun and adventures in Sydney and far, far beyond!

My name is Seana Smith, Seana is pronounced ‘Sean-a’ by the way. It’s the Irish spelling although I was born in Scotland.

Since you asked, I was actually named after a little West Highland Terrier….


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About This Blog

On this blog, I’m continuing to deliver useful information, served with a smile.

Topics include:

Sydney –  The best places for families in Sydney, beaches; swimming pools, playgrounds, accommodation, museums and more

Kids – Posts about life with teens, twins and a disappearing husband, hard-won knowledge and survival skills explained.

Food – Family-friendly recipes and ideas and advice on eating well and maintaining health and fitness whilst feeding a hungry family.

Travel – what I love best, much trickier since the children came along; family travel, weekends away plus mums’ escapes without the family.


And here’s us in 2011, they do bloody grow.

About The Family

We are myself, our International Man of Mystery and the four boisterous bairns.

You know those delightful children you see carrying their violin cases into school… well, mine are nothing like that.

The bairns are:

Giant Teenager, aged 17 and towering miles above me.  He plays rugby league, the drums and the bagpipes.  His developmental history has been eventful…

Dexbox, aged 15 but going on 35.  In year 9, he loves the cats, the twins and all weaponry.

Rusty Rocket, aged 8 and full of beans, one of the few foods he likes eating.

Minnie The Minx, also aged 8 and just five minutes younger than her twin; she has to be tough to keep up with three brothers but she swathes her steel in many layers of pink.


About Me

* Born and brought up in Scotland

* Studied Latin, Greek and Old and Mediaeval Engligh at Wadham College, University of Oxford

* Have lived for a year in Italy, and in Karachi, Pakistan (but England more foreign – joke!)

* Spend most of late teens and twenties underwater, mad scuba enthisiast

* Arrived in Sydney with a manual typewriter and mask, flippers and snorkel in 1987

* Got a great job on The Midday Show With Ray Martin

* Worked for the BBC in London and Glasgow approx 1990 – 1995

* TV career in ruins after birth of first son in Edinburgh, moved to Sydney in 1998.

* Assorted books and other children followed. It’s all a blur.

* All children finally to school late January 2012. Collapsed sobbing with relief.

* Pulled self together. Went out to lunch.

* Love a cuppa, love a natter, love my family, miss the Scots more and more as I get older.

* Am improving with age. Which is both a relief and very practical.


Lovely reader comments – thank you!

I rely on the internet a lot to figure out where to go, so I love all the lovely photos and details you put up on your site.Thanks for all your hard work.

Just to let you know that I love your site, and think its an invaluable source of information. Visited numerous parks on your recommendation, and appreciate all the hard work you do to provide the information!


Hello, thanks for coming to visit.  On this page is info about me and a bit about our family, plus contact details at the end.

Contact Me

My email address is seanalucy at mac dot com

My disclosure policy is here.



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