What I Did On My 50th Birthday – Bay Of Fires Lodge Walk Day 3 Kayak and Beach Walk

Bay of Fires-lodge walk kayak How lucky was I?

Not only did I get to turn 50… some of my dearest friends would have loved to have had that chance…. but my birthday was spent at one of the most beautiful places in the world: Tasmania’s Bay of Fires.

17012014 Bay of Fires-125-blog

Sorry it’s taken me a while to sort and post these photos… the 50th occurred on 17th January, but y’know how it is…

So, the view from the beautiful Lodge we had walked to is just divine. On the morning of January 17th, the sun wasn’t out as in the top photo. In fact it was cloudy as you can see above, with patches of sunshine gleaming far out to sea.  Steely grey and gorgeous.

17012014 Bay of Fires-128-blogBleary-eyed birthday photo after a VERY good breakfast.

We had spend the past two days walking to the Lodge. The Bay of Fires Lodge Walk is a four-day guided walk. Our two guides had looked after us well as we walked the miles of sandy beach. We’d spent a night at a permanent camp at Foresters Beach and then walked past the lighthouse at Eddystone Point on day two and then to the Lodge.

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Day three could be a day of rest, or we could walk to a vehicle, drive to the river and then paddle across  Ansons Bay, have lunch then walk along a 5km beach back to the Lodge.

17012014 Bay of Fires-122-blog

Paul and I were definitely on for the kayak and walk.

Our guide James showed us many interesting plants and features of the landscape on our walks.

17012014 Bay of Fires-129-blog

Very pretty! We put our kayaks in here.

17012014 Bay of Fires-132-blog

It’s hard to put into hwords how very significant I found this trip and this day. Paul and I had loved to walk and do outdoorsy things, but have done so little of this sort of thing together since our four children came along… and that’s been nearly 17 years now.

To paraphrase a post title on Frills In The Hills a few years agao, it felt like we were walking back to us on this trip.

17012014 Bay of Fires-133-blog

And just in the way my ocean swimming in Sydney has helped make me feel like me again, and has given me some much-needed exhileration, do this kayaking on my 50th birthday made me feel in touch with the deepest (and oldest) parts of myself.  I felt like a kid again, and that is a great way to feel.

17012014 Bay of Fires-136-blog

Hubby in the front of the kayak and off we go. We paddled about 8km altogether which I thought would feel hard but it was totally AOK.

 17012014 Bay of Fires-138-blog 

The topmost utmost high point of the day of 50th birthday was flying into the river from this high rope swing.

Now that’s what I call living! 


Yippee… and I don’t feel a day over five at this moment.

The walk back along the beach was magnificent; such beautiful weather and a long wide flat beach.

17012014 Bay of Fires-145-blog

And me there with my fella, both of us wearing equally uncool but effective hats.

17012014 Bay of Fires-149-blog

Where we are is at the extreme north end of the Bay of Fires. The Lodge is up on that rise there.

17012014 Bay of Fires-152-blog

I tried to capture the colours here.

17012014 Bay of Fires-154-blog

 Back at the Lodge, a well-earned cuppa and, thank goodness, no need to chose between the rhubarb and cinnamon cake and the lemon cake; just have both.

17012014 Bay of Fires-047-blog

The afternoon stayed sunny and we spent loads of time on the huge deck, just looking far  far out to sea.

17012014 Bay of Fires-158-blog

Feeling pretty damn relaxed.

17012014 Bay of Fires-160-blog

The rock formations and the clear, clear waters and amazing colours are what I’ll always remember about the Bay of Fires.

17012014 Bay of Fires-163-blog

 And the great treat of being together with Paul, just he and I. A big thank you to my sister Mairi for minding our bairns back in Sydney.  That was a fab birthday present.

17012014 Bay of Fires-035-blog

When the moon came up that night it glowed red, I don’t know why.

We toasted my birthday with our new walking companions and drank champagne, our evening meal was delicious.

And trust me, I slept VERY well that night.

17012014 Bay of Fires-168-blogSo there you go. I’m grateful to have turned 50 in good health, in good company and in a most beautiful and uplifting place.

You youngsters, don’t you worry about getting older; just look after yourselves well, move your bodies and you’ll be glad to get there too.

Have you swung on a rope swing recently?!!

 Where did you spend your 50th birthday or where might you?

Love from your older and amazingly wiser pal, 


You can read more about the Bay of Fires Lodge Walk here. I will write up a fuller post on the whole walk soon too.

I actually won my walk at an Australian Travel Writers Trivia Night – how cool was that. We paid full price for Paul and all other travel and accommodation costs for us both to get to Tassie etc etc

Linking today with Grace over at With Some Grace and with Travel Photo Thursday - thanks ladies.

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  1. What a fabulous thing to do for a special birthday. It just looks so amazing and the fact that it was just the two of you makes it even more special. Happy (very belated) birthday, Seana! x

  2. Amazing! What a stunning was to celebrate your birthday. And memorable too, I bet. Belated Birthday wishes to you! X

  3. That looks so beautiful, and what a lovely thing to do. It looks like a great way to celebrate. (and Happy Birthday!)

  4. Oh I love this post, I can feel the love between you when I look at your photos. Just gorgeous. I hope to spend every birthday reminding myself who I am, something we tend to let slip a little as parents. What a fabulous birthday present.

  5. Oh what a wonderful way to spend your birthday! Happy belated birthday! You look so happy and healthy, and that’s really the best way to live a long life :)

  6. What a perfect birthday and what a beautiful place and I just want to say I was stunned to read you were 50 – you look amazing! I will be putting visiting here on my bucket list I think

  7. Seanna, you’re looking wonderful at 50 – and welcome to the club! What a fantabulous place to spend a birthday. Love the Bay of Fires. Looks as if you had a ball.

  8. What a fabulous 50th birthday present! It looks a prefect way to celebrate the big day….with your hubby and new friends in one of the most beautiful bays in Australia!

  9. What an excellent way to spend a special birthday Seana. I love Tasmania… every part of it. It’s so green compared to my neck of the woods in Nth Qld :)

  10. Great photos Happy Birthday! :)

  11. Hi Seana, SO inspiring, makes me want to get out and do things too. Now where are my waterproofs, wild, wet and windy here. X

  12. Oh gorgeous lady, a very belated happy birthday. You look so happy in these pics, I would love to do that, sans kids of course. It looks so peaceful, serene and relaxing. I’m sure you’re back to doing it all by yourself at home, but hang in there xxx

  13. Oh fantastic Seana! What a wonderful way to celebrate. And happy birthday (belated) xx

  14. You couldn’t have picked a more beautiful spot to celebrate your Birthday than Bay of Fires – one of my most favourite places on earth! Happy Birthday! The Big 5-0 – you know I met you in person last year and you don’t look a day over 30! Amazing! Hope you have a wonderful year ahead. Mel x

  15. Happy Belated Birthday! You celebrated in a wonderful way. I like what you said about this trip getting you back in touch with the person that you were before you had children. I really understand that sentiment. That’s a wonderful gift your sister gave you.

  16. I love Tassie, we did four weeks travelling through Tasmania when the kids were little and just came back from another trip at the start of this month. Gorgeous photos!!!

  17. What a fabulous way to spend your birthday lovely. Such a beautiful place it seems form your gorgeous pics. A very big Happy 50th to you and here’s to the next 50 xx

  18. What a lovely way to spend your birthday! Even better to hear the gratitude of getting the joy of another birthday, I hope I always remember how precious it is to celebrate another year!

  19. Happy belated Birthday! It looks like you had an outstanding weekend. The beach shots are gorgeous. Thanks for linking up this week.

  20. What a gorgeous place to spend your birthday. You look so happy in your pics too. Happy Birthday for last month!

    p.s My dad’s birthday is on the 17th of January too :)

  21. Absolutely gorgeous! Especially YOU!
    Happy 50th, Seana! That beautiful moon just sums up how spectacularly special your birthday was. Must get together for belated birthday celebrations soon! xxx

  22. Happy birthday! And you are so right that we need to celebrate getting older because so many people we have loved along the way were denied that blessing. You and Paul look so happy and relaxed. I love the scenery and this is a walk I’ve been wanting to do so thanks for the tour. I went off a rope swing in Vanuatu and yes, it does make you feel young again xx

  23. How completely magnificent. I think your philosophy on life is the absolute way to go. My birthday of choice would be some cooking courses in France and Italy and frankly I can’t wait.

    So glad your birthday was wonderful.

  24. What a great way to celebrate your birthday! And what a wonderful place. Best wishes for the next 50!

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