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Sydney Best Beaches for kids families

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It is a really handy guide, on each page there is a different beach (meaning you can just print out the page you need easily) and just about everything you can think of is covered.  

Looking for somewhere with a gated playground, some shade, protected swimming areas, parking and, most importantly, easily accessible coffee? No worries, just go down the checklist at the bottom of each page.


 I am truly inspired to get out and try some new beaches. Smith includes the address and map reference, a brief description of the place then information on shade, toilets, parking, café and a great Mum’s Report which gives you those extra little detail that only a mum would know.

Babies & Toddlers

One of the best resources you can have for summer…. this is a must-have guide book to help you navigate through Sydney’s (beach) waters.

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The first of its kind, this 50 page digital book lists Sydney’s most family-friendly beaches, baths and ocean pools.

Beautifully designed, this digital book is downloaded as a PDF and can read on your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

With one beach described per page, you can print out the page you need and take it with you for a great day at the beach.

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 Click on the images below to read samples from the book.

Whether you’re travelling with babies, toddlers, preschoolers or school-aged kids,

you need never wonder again which beach will suit you best!

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From expat blog The New Edge

 My favourite parts of the book :
1) Descriptions of the beaches highlight things that kids would enjoy, such as exploring crevices, running along boardwalks, and available bike paths.  She also sometimes highlights what would be suitable for younger kids vs older kids.

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