Brand New Edition Of Beyond The Baby Blues


I often say  that I've written a couple of books that I really, really wish no-one ever had to read. That's an unusual thing for an author to say. But in my case it's 100% true. … [Read more...]

John Cleese Told Me To Take A Blogging Break

Sunrise swimmer at North Narrabeen Rock Pool last Sunday

That's me off for a blogging break then. Cheerio the noo. When I wrote about what I've been learning in my design and photography course, I mentioned a break was planned for June and here we … [Read more...]

Using A Mood Board For My Blog Redesign – And Six Top Tips From Kelly Exeter

blog redesign

What's a mood board??? Until three months ago, I had no idea at all.... but I'm learning. Mood boards are a big part of the design and photography course I'm studying, and I'd done one as part … [Read more...]

I’m Nearly Famous! Featured On Blogger Connect, Plus Tips For New Bloggers


Hello, just a quickie this one. I'm a wee bit excited and delighted to be featured on Blogger Connect's Blogging Journeys. Read the interview here. … [Read more...]

DPCon14 + Getting Home + A Travel Dilemma Too


I win the prize for the Blogger Who Came Home To The Most Washing! The house looked like a bomb had struck it... dirty dishes across the kitchen, dishwasher needing emptied, drying racks stacked to … [Read more...]

Imagine What Happens Next… Bringing back the art of storytelling through imagination


Here's my second ever guest post on this blog!  I met Anton recently and loved the idea of his book. 75% of my children love writing stories and one of them is a teller of the most amazing tall … [Read more...]

Panasonic Lumix GM1 Review + Vlog

20131205 Lumix GM1-012-blog

So last week I showed you some photos I'd taken with a brand new tiny camera that will hit the stores next week. It's a bit of a breakthrough camera, packing a whole lot of image quality punch into … [Read more...]

Panasonic LUMIX GM1 – Some Photos Taken This Past Week

20131120 Lumix GM1-005-blog

A moody day down at Dee Why .... one of a bazillion photos taken this past week. … [Read more...]

Mother Love – New Book on Embracing The Emotional Ups And Downs Of Parenthood


 This is a terrific new book for new mums and dads and yes, I am biased. The author, Dr Melanie Strang, and I have corresponded over the past few years. Melanie gave us some lovely quotes for … [Read more...]

Commissioning Writers For This Blog – Do You Know A Fab Family-Friendly Sydney Spot?

Could you write for SKFT

Good morning! The good news is that this blog has been earning some money this year. And the even better news is that I am going to plough some of the income back into the blog via the pockets … [Read more...]

My Mobile Office – Work At Home Mum On The Move

Mobile Office text.jpg

I'm over at Kidspot today, chatting about the joys of packing up the WAHM office and setting forth to work in the Great Outdoors.... and also in the Great Indoors at my fave Sydney cafes. … [Read more...]

Boobooks on Owen – Cute Little Bookshop in Huskisson, Jervis Bay

boobook 1

Well, life is looking up! I'll be down at Jervis Bay when this post goes up, and, with a bit of luck, I'll be re-doing a joyful little trip I did last time there. Is there anything better than a … [Read more...]

Quick Question For Email Subscribers

Hi there, I just have a quick question and would love to hear from you about it. I've always sent out a weekly email to subscribers of the blog. Hello and thank you, all 759 of you!! These … [Read more...]

Working With Brands – How Easily Seduced Are You?


I know that brands and disclaimers etc have been done to death, but bear with me whilst I take a look at it with a sex angle... I was looking at these lovely photos, taken during a gorgeous lunch … [Read more...]

Self Care on Sunday 10: Unsubscribe!

unsubscribe 2

After last weekend's e-switchoff, I got home on Monday night to the inbox from hell. OK, most of it is about the kids, that's true. Teachers' emails, class mums' emails, sporting team emails, music … [Read more...]

The Superfoods Index – A New Book Hits The Shelves

Hello on this wet Friday in Sydney. Here's a wee vlog, a bit of showoffery! Only 40 seconds - go on, have a click! In some great news for myself and Jane Curry Publishing, this new book is on the … [Read more...]

New Year’s Resolutions – For This Blog


I may have more things NOT to do than to do. As one of those over-committing type people, it's good to have resolutions about doing less. … [Read more...]

My Home in Northside Magazine – Come In And Have A Look Around

Northside Mag 2

It's always weird to be on the 'wrong' side of the camera lens. So when Northside Magazine called up to ask if they could do a story, it was a relief to hear that the topic was 'My Home.' Sudden … [Read more...]

My Favourite Joke In The Whole Wide World

The thing about living in Scotland is... you spend a lot of time sitting in pubs listening to your friends telling jokes. Oh, I absolutely bloody love a good joke. Love seeing a hilarious comedian … [Read more...]

What You Focus On Is What You Become for Happiness Inspires Happiness

little happiness quote motto

What you focus on is what you become. I wrote the phrase down whilst listening to one of the speakers at the recent ‘Bloggers Brunch.’ I’ve got no doubts about the truth of that statement and its … [Read more...]

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