Improving My Travel Photography – Panoramic Shots

Club Med Bali panoramic shot Bar and Lawn

Where better to read about photography than on a flight overseas?  I had bought a couple of ebooks from Digital Photography School but had never studied them in detail.

So I’ve been reading up on photography whenever I’ve been on a plane this year.

Click on the photos to see them at double the size. 


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The Kids’ Clubs at Club Med Bali – Our Family Review {Updated}


Pool playtime at Mini Club Med for 4-10 year olds

Let me just get this out there straight up; this was the best kids’ club we’ve tried so far.

My twins have experienced a few kids’ clubs in their nearly seven years, and they’ve generally been fairly reluctant, at least at the start.

At Club Med Bali, they were genuinely asking to go back. Hooray!!

STOP PRESS: New facilities are planned for Club Med Bali in 2014, including Baby Club Med – see info at the bottom of this post.

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The Kids Clubs at Club Med Bali – More Photos

Kids Club Club Med Bali trampoline

Boing! Rusty Rocket loved a bounce on this device whilst waiting for the flying trapeze.

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11 Club Med Bali Photos for Wordless Wednesday


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Club Med Bali – Body and Soul, Four Colors in Four Days: A Health + Wellness Retreat


How very fitting that at the end of my 10 Weeks of Self Care on Saturday posts, I’m reporting in from Body and Soul, Four Colors in Four Days, a health and wellness retreat here in beautiful Club Med Bali.


Look, it’s a tough job but somebody had to do it.

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Bali Family Holiday- Beautiful Balinese Breakfasts

Linking up with Wordless Wednesday, hosted by My Little Drummer Boys. Trish has posted amazing photos of gigantic trees, check them out!

The doughnuts in the pix weren’t my breakfast by the way!

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The Elephant Safari Park Bali – A Family Photo Review

I’m inking up for Wordless Wednesdays with My Little Drummer Boys, sharing some photos from a day trip we did in Bali, to the glorious Elephant Safari Park near Ubud.  It was marvellous, you read all about the park here.

Trying to be wordless so all I will say is I love the hairy heads of baby elephants!!!

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Bali for Bairns- The Butterfly Park


Visual travel blogging here, a few photos to tell the story of our visit to Bali’s Butterfly Park.

This is the first in a wee series of photos about the things we enjoyed over there.

PS  ‘Bairns’ is Scots slang for children, as in ‘I’m so hungry I could eat a scabby-heided bairn.’

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Holiday Mum – The Bairns Go To Bali

Hooray!  Myself and the bairns and our recently-returned Intn’l Man of Mystery have skedaddled away for the school holidays.

To Bali!  Triple hooray!

I’m not updating the blog whilst away, having a break from electronics as well as everything else.  But here are just a few photos from our first days.

Look forward to being back in Sydney and posting more info on great family-friendly places, both in Sydney and beyond.

All the best

Seana – your poolside correspondent xxxx

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