The Outrigger Fiji – New Adults-Only Pool and Bar *sighs and goes to hang out the washing

outrigger fiji adults only area When I was at uni, me and my pal Rosie always had a map on the wall. A ‘You Are Here’ arrow pointed to Oxford.  ‘But You Wish You Were Here’ arrows pointed to many parts of the world, mainly tropical.

Here on a wintery day in Sydney, I’m wishing I was back at the Outrigger On The Lagoon in Fiji. 

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The Outrigger On The Lagoon, Fiji – Photos and Mini-Review

It all seems far away and long ago now.  Oh take me back!

We did enjoy our time at the Outrigger On The Lagoon on Fiji’s Coral Coast.  It was quite the perfect location for our family of teens and twins.  If we were a perfect family, it’d have been the perfect holiday!

But all the members of our family are deeply imperfect and so we had a fair amount of arguing, diva behaviour (not from me) and general naughtiness.

But in a gorgeous tropical setting!

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Fiji Family Holidays – Five Islands Tour

If I could live underwater on a coral reef, I’d be delighted.

Is there anywhere better to be?

So when my hubby, Dexbox and Rusty Rocket went ziplining, myself, Minnie the Minx and Giant Teen15 set off an a tropical island adventure.

Come along on a voyage-by-photograph with us.

Stop by to see the one minute video of the coral reef we snorkelled over.

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Fiji Family Holidays – Zipline Fiji Day Trip

I really enjoyed lounging around during our recent family holiday in Fiji.

I had never, ever been to a resort before I had the children. Now I can’t go often enough.

Where’s my adventurous spirit?

Well, the kids have dissipated it quite a lot, BUT… we did enjoy some fun day trips and here’s one of them.

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Outrigger On The Lagoon, Fiji – Kids Club Review

I have friends and neighbours who are experts at researching family holidays. They plan ahead, know what they want and always get the best deals.

I’m useless at all of the above!

It’s rare for us to be able to plan much in advance as our Intn’l Man of Mystery’s schedule is often very mysterious. That was the case for this trip to Fiji which was booked very last minute.

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Postcard From Fiji & Giveaway Winner

Having a splashing good time here on the Coral Coast in Fiji.

As usual it took a couple of days for the family to settle in. Some of the kids and adults in our family find transitions very hard even transitions into tropical loveliness. But that’s all over now.

Weather is lovely, mid-20s, nice and warm, not too hot.

Grub great!

Will report more fully soon. Stand by for all the ins and outs of the Kids Club here, that’s what I wanted to read about most before we came.

Hope all’s good with you in Sydney.  Many congrats to Amanda who wins the Sydney Tower Eye Family Pass Giveaway.

Wish you were here.

Seana xx