The Good Coffee Guide To Australia From World Vision

20140721 Coffee 3

We’ve been having THE BEST COFFEE recently and it’s all thanks to my husband’s old flatmate from uni.

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Thermomix Lemon and Coconut Balls – Raw Treats For Kids

Thermomix Lemon and Coconut Balls - Raw Treats For Kids 1

After many incarnations and attempts… I’ve perfected the Thermomix lemon and coconut ball. The kids scoff them, I do too, and now the recipe is here on the blog rather than scribbled on a bit of paper with many corrections and additions.  I’ll never lose it again!

Hope you enjoy my version, it’s nutrition-packed and very tasty.

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Thermomix Lemon and Coconut Balls - Raw Treats For Kids
  • zest of one lemon
  • juice of two lemons
  • 3 tbs maple syrup
  • 75g (1 cup) almond meal
  • 75g cocount oil, melted
  • 100g (1 cup) desiccated coconut
  • 5 medjool dates, pitted
  • extra coconut for rolling ball sin
  1. Peel the lemon zest off using a potato peeler.
  2. Place zest and coconut in Thermomix and whizz for 10 seconds at speed 8, scrape down and repeat until zest is completed blended into coconut.
  3. Add all the rest of the ingredients and blend 10 seconds at speed 6. Scrape down and repeat if necessary.
  4. The mixture is quite soft at this stage but will firm up as the coconut oil sets. If I have time, I let the mixture firm up for 15-20 minutes at this stage.
  5. Roll into small balls and cover in coconut, then keep in fridge.


Thermomix Lemon and Coconut Balls - Raw Treats For Kids 2

Thermomix Lemon and Coconut Balls - Raw 3 Thermomix Lemon and Coconut Balls - Raw 4 Thermomix Lemon and Coconut Balls - Raw Treats For Kids 5
Thermomix Lemon and Coconut Balls - Raw Treats For Kids 6
Thermomix Lemon and Coconut Balls


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I’m drooling at the thought of these rich, tangy, lemony bites.

Off to the kitchen!

What’s your fave healthy snack of the moment?


Easy Baked Mushrooms With Ricotta Omelettes – A Superfoods Breakfast


Most Aussies are mushroom maniacs, and I’m one of them.

I put mushrooms into my book The Superfoods Index as they really are good for you, here’s what I wrote:

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An Accelerator Day in Pictures – 1

Accelerator Days.jpg Well, it’s two and a half months into 2014 and strangely enough the couple of kilos I put on during our Christmas trip are still nestled around my tummy.

And it’s 100% true that at menopause weight shifts to the tummy, it always used to stay around my hips and thighs.

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What is an Accelerator Day?

Accelerator Days.jpg So, I’ve just posted  photos of all the food I ate on an ‘accelerator day.’

Without explaining what one was.

I’m such a pro in this communication business. Not!

So here’s the explanation.

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The Frustrations Of Bloody Family Food! Making One Meal To Suit Everyone In The Family

Pasta meal for all family-3

It’s spaghetti bolognaise for goodness sake! How hard can it be to feed my family spag bol!!

Like loads of my pals, I can find it hard to find one meal that suits everyone in the family.

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(Death By) White Chocolate Mud Cake Recipe + A Big Birthday Boy

White Chocolate Mud Cake pin
If you’re looking for a cake that has healthy attributes throw your arms in the air and run away screaming.

This simple white chocolate mud cake is the least healthy cake known to man: it’s basically an instant coronary.

You have been warned.

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Eat Now: Online Takeaway Ordering (And Eating) Made Easy

Eat Now 2 Advertorial for Eat Now

I’d love to claim that I cook each and every meal for myself and the family but I cannot tell a lie.

Fish fingers or (vegetarian) ‘chicken’ nuggets are a  weekly event, and so is takeaway.

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Easy Cashew + Mushroom Nut Roast – For A Vegetarian Christmas

easy cashew nut roast for Vegetarian Christmas

Take a bow, the cashew and mushroom layered roast! This is the Christmas lunch made for the Intn’l Man of Mystery for the past 16 years.

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Christmas Condensed Milk Truffles – Made By The Kids

Here’s a recipe that was very popular last  Christmas for the many school functions that need a sweet treat. It deserves an update for 2013!

These are nut free truffles which are also gluten free in this version because we used gluten free biscuits.

Really, I’d rather the kids are a much more nutrient dense type of truffle, but that recipe has nuts so won’t do for school.

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Thermomix Smoothie Recipes – Orange and Banana Smoothie

thermomix smoothies orange banana

One of the best things about the beloved Thermomix, is being able to make whole-fruit fruit juices and smoothies.

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Butcherman Review: Sydney’s Online Butcher


It’s the 1st of December and for our family the start of the Christmas season.  We’re kicking off with a review of Sydney’s favourite online butcher.

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Quorn Bolognaise – Veggie, Healthy + Quick

quorn bolognaise recipe Have you cooked with quorn at all?

If you’re ever looking for a vegetarian meat alternative, quorn is your man.

Made in the UK, quorn is made from mycoprotein, the name given to an organism originally called ‘Fusarium graminearum.’ It’s in the fungus family, but now commercially produced and turned into quorn.

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RedBalloon Subscription Boxes – Luv Sum Energy and Protein Balls Review

luv sum protein balls Nothing like getting food delivered to your doorstep. Usually we get milk, bread and veggies delivered… that’s a bit boring, isn’t it?

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Monster Muesli Breakfast In A Bag Review

20131100 Monster Muesli-054-blog

What do you feed the kids for breakfast when you’re in a massive hurry?

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Tangy Passionfruit Mousse – Quick + Easy Desserts

Tangy Passionfruit mousse quick easy

Here’s a light and lovely dessert that my family really enjoyed.

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Simple Spiced Zucchini Cake – Moist, Nutty and Delicious

Spring is here in Sydney and full optimism, I’ve planted some zucchini in the garden.

Full of hunger, the possums and bandicoots have started scoffing the plants.

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Stewed Rhubarb With Orange and Ginger In The Thermomix

thermomix stewed rhubarb and ginger

 Rhubarb has been a brekkie favourite since I was a wee girl. Mum always grew loads of rhubarb in the garden in East Lothian, Scotland. She still does.

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Cottage Cheese As A High Protein Snack

cottage cheese high protein snack with maple syrup

I’m always on the hunt for a high protein snack that’s really quick and easy.

One of the best things I’ve learned - thank you Susie Burrell and VisionPT - is that having a high protein snack in the mid afternoon means I eat a lot less at dinner.

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Do You Use Protein Powder? A Review of IsoWhey Complete

IsoWhey Complete Review protein powder

I’ll be honest here, until about two years ago, I would NEVER have used any type of shake or protein powder.

I was very sniffy about them - judgemental even.

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