Sydney’s Best Playgrounds – Willoughby Park on Sydney’s North Shore (Updated)

Willoughby Park playground

The whizzing roundabout with the big climbing frame behind.

Just a few photos and an update to this post on one of our favourite playgrounds on Sydney’s north shore.

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More Dangerous But Fun- Jumping off Moona Moona Creek Bridge

So this summer we’ve all been at it, leaping with gay abandon off this bridge into the creek below.

Is anything more fun in this entire universe?

Bridge jumping is an activity which has stood the test of time.

Even Rusty Rocket, aged all of five was flinging himself off good style.

With my wee waterproof camera in hand, I filmed people jumping and then took myself and the camera for a jump off the bridge.  Here are the results, Just A Minute Movies strikes again.  

Next year we might even try the spectacular backflips you see about 40 seconds in.

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Cook + Phillip Park Aquatic Centre – Video

Here’s a little video of Cook + Phillip Park pool, from both above and below the water.

Hope you enjoy it!


Hunter Valley Gardens Christmas Lights Spectacular Video

Now lets get this straight, I’m not saying the video is spectacular….

I mean, it’s ok, but it’s the Christmas Lights that are spectacular.

Here’s a wee peek at what we saw at Hunter Valley Gardens and the twins’ not very thoughtful review of what they enjoyed.

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Underwater Movie Magic – We Hope

Here’s a little vlog expressing my delight at a self-purchased (and in a good cause too), early Christmas pressie.

WAHMum – How To Be Productive 1 – in one minute!

Here’s a little video I made – please forgive the bunches, not my usual look.  My daughter made me do it!

I’ve just started this new Youtube channel and am aiming for videos of maximum one minute; video paints a million words so why go for longer!!

Video of Bilarong Playground

Here is a one minute video showing the best of Bilarong Playrgound at Narrabeen.

Now the production values are not up to BBC standards, but then I was using an iPhone with four kids hanging off me…. it’s not too bad really!

Do you manage to take photos and videos when your kids are around? Do they ever take on of you? And…. do your kids appreciate artworks in playgrounds?

Good Enough Mum- Boys+Drums Kits, all you need to know in 44 seconds

Mums and dads of little boys… you need to know something about boys, about teenagers and about drum kits.

Just watch for 44 seconds, you may save yourself years of headaches…. and earaches….

What a laugh. Those drums are doing my head in, and that’s with the drum pads on!

But don’t think for a minute that I regret my big wee lad taking up the drums, or indeed his other love, the bagpipes. Not at all!

All my dad’s side of the family were and are very musical, and I was sure that one day my children would love to play something. Like many things with my Giant Teenager, it just took a bit longer.

As soon as he got to high school he begged to play the drums. He’s been doing lessons for a year and I’m truly glad. Music is a great occupation for youngsters, yes even heavy metal which is what he loves.

I’m linking this to Maxabella’s Weekend Grateful, because I really am grateful for the delight my kids take in music. But next time, I’m buying the electronic drum kit!