Reading Cinemas Rhodes Baby Crying Room

Crying Room at Reading Cinema Rhodes

Hello, have you been to the cinema recently with babies or young children?  Do you know how many Sydney cinemas aim to be child-friendly? (Read my list here.) And here's a post from Linda Anderson … [Read more...]

Huskisson Pictures – Family Fun at Jervis Bay

Huski Pictures

All Sydney cinema going is banned in this household! This may seem a bit daft in these school holidays but the thing is, we're heading south to Jervis Bay for the weekend, and we can visit the … [Read more...]

UPDATED! Baby and Child-Friendly Cinemas in Sydney

hoyts mums and bubs

What is it about giving birth that suddenly makes mums stop loving going to the movies? Nothing, is the answer! I was at the movies when I was in labour with my first son, turning up the TENS … [Read more...]

Babes In Arms Sessions at Greater Union and Event Cinemas


One of the best things about baby-friendly screenings at Sydney cinemas is they tend to be MUCH cheaper than the general screening. Noisier too, no doubt, but still, cheap is good.  Event and … [Read more...]

Mums and Bubs Sessions at Hoyts – Baby-Friendly Cinema Screenings in Sydney


Hooray for the big multiplexes who offer screenings for mums, dads and carers of babies and toddlers. And at a much reduced ticket price too! BYO popcorn, don't forget the kids and enjoy that … [Read more...]

Palace Norton Street – Sydney’s Most Child-Friendly Cinemas


Well done the Palace Cinema in Norton Street, not only is there a weekly screening for mums, dads and bubs, but the ticket price is cheap as chips. Well done! Grab that baby bag and get down to … [Read more...]

Warriewood Cinema Centre’s ‘Baby Crying Rooms’ – Child-Friendly Cinemas in Sydney

United Cinemas

Remember to let your babies know that they don't HAVE to cry when you take them into the 'baby crying rooms' at Warriewood Cinema Centre! Tell them, really you'd prefer if they snoozed, or watched … [Read more...]

The Randwick Ritz Bubs Club – Sydney’s Most Child-Friendly Cinemas

ritz cinema

Now I lived too far away to visit the Bubs Club at the Randwick Ritz, but my friends who lived over that way raved about it. Have you been to the movies lately with your baby or toddler in tow? … [Read more...]

Manly Cinemas Baby Pictures

manly cinema

Here's another of my favourite child-friendly cinemas in Sydney. See below for details of their mum and dad-friendly screenings. God bless all the cinemas who know how desperate we parents are … [Read more...]

Roseville Cinema – Child-Friendly Cinemas in Sydney

Roseville cinema baby crying room

Roseville is a really charismatic, old-fashioned picture house. It's a family owned and operated independent cinema, quite a breath of fresh air. I'm terribly fond of it for it's olde worlde … [Read more...]

The Richmond Regent Twin Cinema – Child-friendly Cinemas in Sydney

Richmond Regent 1

  I'm starting off a series of posts about fantastic family-friendly cinemas and screenings with the historic Richmond Regent Twin Cinema. If you live near Richmond, this is the cinema for … [Read more...]

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