North Narrabeen Beach + Rock Pool

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Forgive me if I start getting all emotional and frothing gently at the mouth. I just adore North Narrabeen Rock Pool, and the famous beach to its south. These places aren't just some of the most … [Read more...]

Great Picnic Spots of Sydney – Clontarf Beach on Middle Harbour

Clontarf Beach text

Well, we just had the most lovely lunchtime picnic and long afternoon play at Clontarf Beach. My twins had the day off school, after their very exhausting Open Day and Fair yesterday.One of the mums … [Read more...]

Little Manly Beach Kiosk – Sydney’s Best Beachside Cafes For Kids {Updated}


A safe harbour beach, a netted pool with fantastic places to climb and leap joyfully into the water. A kiosk and cafe with fantastic views. You'd seriously have to be bonkers not to get straight down … [Read more...]

Palm Beach On Sydney’s Northern Beaches: Sydney Best Beaches For Kids

Palm Beach Rock Pool-4

For our family, an expedition to Palm Beach is a special treat. It feels like a holiday hot spot that's a million miles away from home, but in fact it's only 30 minutes up the road. … [Read more...]

Camping At The Basin on Pittwater- Sydney’s Best Secret Camp Site

Basin text

Please welcome today's guest poster, the lovely Robyn from MrsDPlus3. Robyn and her family have just celebrated three years of living here in Sydney. They have found lots of great spots to visit, and … [Read more...]

Shelly Beach, Manly – Sydney’s Best Beaches for Kids

20131000 Shelly Beach Manly-001

So I'm a few weeks into my photography course now, and getting more and more appalled at some of the photos used in the early days of this blog. Some with horrible watermarks - too big and ugly.  I … [Read more...]

Jervis Bay Beach Walks: The White Sands Walk And A Bit More

20130818 White Sands Walk-001

It's not often that I get to escape out of the beach side garden gate alone... so when the chance came recently, I grabbed it with both... well, with both feet really. I fancied a walk... and I had … [Read more...]

South Curly Beach Cafe – Child-Friendly Beach Cafes in Sydney

20140130 South Curly Cafe-012-blog

Love a cafe right by the beach. I'm updating this post as South Curly Beach Cafe is under new management and has a lovely new look with excellent coffee. This post also needs a lovely new look, some … [Read more...]

North Bondi Classic Ocean Swim: Beaut Day For It


 Not in a million, billion, quadrillion years would I ever swim this course on my own. Are you mad? … [Read more...]

Wylies Baths in Coogee – A Review For Families

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Please welcome on the blog today writer Brenda Janschek with a post about one of Sydney's most famous rock pools, the sparklingly superb Wylies Baths. … [Read more...]

Fairy Bower Rock Pool Manly


Sydney's rock pools are a pretty unique feature of our city's coastline. The harbour pools are pretty cool too. They don't come cuter and more appealling than the baby of them all, little Fairy … [Read more...]

Bondi Beach With Kids – Sydney’s Most Family-Friendly Beaches

best beaches cover

I remember coming down to Bondi years ago with baby, toddler and some child-free friends. The friends spread out their towels and sat down. 'What are they thinking!?' flashed through my mind.  It … [Read more...]

Dawn Fraser Pool, Balmain – Sydney Harbour Pools and Beaches

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 Here's a place that makes my heart sing and sums up so many things I love about Sydney. A harbour pool, beautiful old buildings, a little pocket of calm yet so close to the heart of our … [Read more...]

Getting Back Into The (Ocean) Swim Of It – Training With CanToo Starts

20131109 CanToo Swim-043-blog

If you're at a Sydney beach on a Saturday morning and you see a sea of orange - don't panic! It's just we CanToo swimmers getting into the surf  to train for our ocean swims. … [Read more...]

Freshwater Beach, Sydney – Sydney’s Best Beaches For Kids (Updated)


G'day and welcome to one of my family's very favourite local beaches here in Sydney. We have twin friends who live near to Freshie and there's nothing better than a multi twin trip down here to swim … [Read more...]

Swimming as Exercise 2 – An Interview with Hayley Lewis

Hayley Lewis Swim Plan

I posted yesterday about swimming for my sanity and a bit about how good it is as exercise. Here's an interview I did with swimming champ Hayley Lewis on just these topics. … [Read more...]

Swimming For My Sanity – And Why Swimming Is Such Great Exercise For Mums


I went swimming a few times last week and my mental health is far better for it. What is it about being immersed in water that makes one feel better all over, inside and out? … [Read more...]

Sydney’s Best Beaches- Snorkelling at Balmoral {Updated}

Balmoral 2 sets twins

Did you know there are many terrific places for children to enjoy snorkelling in Sydney? … [Read more...]

Beautiful Beaches of Scotland’s Outer Hebrides – A Guest Post From My Sister Morag

Scottish Beaches-1

I'm thrilled today to have a post sent over from Scotland by my younger sister, Morag. Mo, her husband and wee boys and my mum went to North Uist for their summer holidays in late July this year. … [Read more...]

How To Treat Bluebottle Stings – Sydney’s Most Annoying Sea Creatures!

blue bottle thigh 2

Yes, these stings were as painful as they look. Ouchy ouch! Bluebottles are commonly found on Sydney beaches, and indeed, around all of Australia. The official name for these marine maniacs … [Read more...]

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