Wizzy World, Willoughby- Sydney’s Best Kids Play Centres {Updated}

Ah, the joy I have felt whilst sitting firmly on my bottom, drinking a coffee and watching my children play!

Wizzy World is pretty close to where we live, not the closest but worth a trip when the mood takes us and there’s some cash floating around in Mum’s wallet.

This is a huge play centre, and a popular one, great for mother’s groups.

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Wannabees Family Play Town – Family Pass Giveaway {Ended}

fireman dressups at Wannabees

Wannabees Family Play Town is one of my twins favourite local play centres, here in Frenchs Forest.

It really is a deluxe play centre as it has a strong educational focus and the input of qualified play leaders.

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Play Planet Brookvale – Sydney’s Best Play Centres (Updated)

I have a lot to thank the folks at Play Planet for.  Many happy hours have been spent there and I have been immensely grateful to be able to park my bottom on a comfy sofa whilst the kids charged around safely.

When my older boys were little we used to go to Play Planet a lot, and in most respects the centre hasn’t changed enormously in the past 10 years.

However it does make me laugh that free wifi is now provided.  Sign of the times!  It used to be that parents whose children were independent read newspapers and magazines. Now it’s all iPads.

Play Planet is a good indoor play centre in itself, and also runs many extras, like school holiday camps and weekly discos.  And for those fed up of the sight of their own kitchen, there are Friday and Saturday night dinners.

More details on the Play Planet website at:  www.playplanet.com.au, in the Cafe section.

The Play Planet website is terrific, with heaps of photos.

Highly recommended by myself and the four kids. I love it especially on hot days and on wet days but around lunchtime when little kids have gone home for a snooze and it’s not so hectic.

What’s your favourite place to eat out with the kids?  

Spread The Word, we’d love to hear of new places!

Happy playing!


Big Blast, Brookvale – Amazing Huge Soft Play For Kids

3 Images

Now here’s a play centre that causes a bit of a conundrum.  The three of my children who have visited absolutely love it. But me… not so much as they do.

Read on… my thoughts are in this review.  And I’ve posted more photos here.

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Big Blast in Brookvale – Photos for Wordless Wednesday

TwinsBig Blastcrop


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Wannabees Family Play Town – Sydney’s Best Indoor Play Centres

wannabees dress up

Wannabees is a play centre deluxe, with the added benefit of play leaders and fantastic dress ups and imaginative play spaces.

The play centre has been set up like a small town, a play leader takes children to visit and play in different areas. It’s such fun.

Wannabees Play Town

C1/ 1-3 Rodborough Road, Frenchs Forest


Facebookwww.facebook.com/Wannabees1 (special offers posted here/post comment for free coffee)

Opening Times: Mon-Tue 9:30 to 2:00 pm, Wed-Fri 9:30 to 6:00 pm, Sat-Sun 9:30 to 5:00 pm

This indoor play centre with a difference is really a delight for young kids. We visited recently with the twins, who are six years old and they really enjoyed it. There were lots of younger children there and some older ones too.

It’s best to book in and to arrive in good time for either the morning or afternoon session to start. Our session started at 10am, with a play leader gathering the children around the stage and starting off with the Wannabees song.  She then explained some rules like always tidying up what has been used, and keeping shoes on in the play rooms.

Here’s the list of all the places the kids can play:

Post Office
Honey Room cafe
Police Station
Fire Station
TV Studio
Doctors Surgery
Fashion shop
Beauty salon
Interior Design room

There’s also a large stage, a climbing wall, soft play areas and, of course, the huge play structure.

My two started in the fire station, they enjoyed dressing up in fireman’s jackets and hats and LOVED hosing out the (fake!) flames. Next they did some shopping at the supermarket with play money and then playing doctors and nurses, with me as the patient patient.

It’s lovely to do some imaginative play where the kids are also picking up some real life skills.

Cafe: large cafe has good menu and free wifi

Baby change: Yes, in children’s toilets

Parties are run by the play leaders

Map:  Click here

the supermarket at Wannabees

fireman dressups at Wannabees

wannabees play town

construction area wannabees

menus at Wannabees Play Town

I took a bazillion photos, click here to see more.

Have you been to Wannabees? 

Are you a play centre lover or loather?

Take it easy


Wannabees Play Town – More Photos

Wannabees Family Play Town play structure

The huge play structure at Wannabees

Wannabees Play Centre

Inside the play structure, a great flying fox

Wannabees play town firemen

Two firemen anying the fireman’s pole

Wannabees play town

Doctors and nurses deal with an emergency


Busy in the Beauty Salon


At the gym, on the running machine.

wannabees cafe

The Cafe at Wannabees, plenty of space

wannabees dress ups

Dress ups and dancing to end the play session


Play structure for the little ones


Soft play area for babies and toddlers

wannabees climbing wall

And the climbing wall – a small extra charge is payable to use this.

You can read my full description of this play centre with a difference on this post.

Hope you enjoy a great play if you visit Wannabee Play Town!


School Holidays In Sydney – Our Top Ten ‘To Do’ List For These Holidays

After our first term with all four children at school, we’ll probably be starting off with a few pyjama days at home.

I could do with at least a dozen of those.  It’s rather daunting to have the Intn’l Man of Mystery away for another four weeks.

But the little kids are very lively. They need to be exercised like puppy dogs.

And the big boys need to be reminded that fresh air is good for them.

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Sydney’s Best Kids Play Centres- Kidz Connexion, Oxford Falls

This is a good little play centre, cheerful and a bit cheaper than most.

Kidz Connexion is rather hidden away from view and is not open every day, but once you know where it is and when it’s open, it’s a handy weapon in your wet/hot weather armoury.

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Lollipops Playlands – Sydney’s Best Indoor Play Centres

Does everyone in Sydney know everything about Lollipops Playlands already?

Just in case there are some new mums and dads who haven’t heard of these meccas for our minors, here’s some info with my top five good points and five drawbacks too.

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