North Narrabeen Beach + Rock Pool

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Forgive me if I start getting all emotional and frothing gently at the mouth.

I just adore North Narrabeen Rock Pool, and the famous beach to its south.

These places aren’t just some of the most beautiful on the Northern Beaches, they’re a state of mind for me. They’re the places I visualise to calm me when stressed. They mean health, fitness, adventure, family and love… 

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This part of the rock pool is 70m long, that’s what I call a lap.

North Narrabeen Beach

North Narrabeen Beach has the most spectacular views south along the 3km sweep of sand all the way down to Long Reef. It’s a famous surf beach and also has one of the most beautiful rock pools of the Northern Beaches.

You can see the entrance to Narrabeen Lagoon in the photo at the top of this post. The rock pool is to the north of the estuary, the main surfing beach to the south.

Surfing: North Narrabeen is a National Surfing Reserve, with some world-famous breaks. Read all about it here on the National Surfing reserves website.

North Narrabeen SLSC is at the end of Malcolm Street, off Ocean Street. Birdwood Park is alongside, lots of grassy space to play in and a small playground, in need of an upgrade.

Parking: For North Narrabeen beach, park in the car park off Malcolm Street which is off Ocean Street.

Cafes: My family’s fave, Lifesavers Cafe is opposite the SLSC car park on Ocean Street

North Narrabeen lagoon entrance horse

One day we enjoyed watching this horse and rider crossing the lagoon estuary.

north narrabeen rock pool

A panoramic shots of the pool on a cloudy day.

North Narrabeen WS 2-edit

North Narrabeen Rockpool

Like the famous surf beach, this rock pool is one of the most renowned along Sydney’s 16 Northern Beaches. It is a particularly beautiful pool, with a wooden boardwalk which divides the lap pool area from the larger area of pool.  The rock pool has a shallow area on it’s northernmost point which is great for kids to splash in. Just over the wall of the pool is a large flat area of rock which the kids enjoy exploring, there’s often a large natural pool of water there too.

North Narrabeen Rock Pool was built in the 1930s under the Unemployment Relief Scheme, the boardwalk and timber decking are original features though they have been replaced over the years.

From the 1940s local swimming clubs met at the pool, including the winter club, the North Narrabeen Shivering Sharks. Swimming clubs still meet at the pool at weekends.

All seven of Pittwater Council’s rock pools and its three swimming enclosures can be hired out. Contact the council for more information.

Swimming Clubs: Two clubs meet at this pool, Narrabeen Lakes Amateur Swimming Club and Narrabeen Amateur Swimming Club.

Parking: For North Narrabeen Rock Pool, travelling from the south along Ocean Street, pass over the bridge over Narrabeen Lagoon’s entrance, the road is here renamed Narrabeen Park Parade.  Take the first right into the car park. Don’t forget to pay for a ticket in your haste to get to the rock pool.

Cafe: There is a cafe at the car park

Picnics and BBQ: There is grassy reserve by the car park, with a BBQ and picnic tables.

Photography: A very scenic pool and popular with photographers. Check out the info on Photography Hot Spots here.   Check out a 360° view of the pool on Panedia here.

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North Narrabeen Iphone39

This is the carpark, just off Narrabeen Park Parade, you can see the holiday park just across the road, and the bridge to the left.

What are you doing right now?

Shall we drop everything and dash down for a few laps and a coffee?

Let’s get splashing




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Sydney’s Best Water Slides – For Kids and Their Families (Updated)

All of my wild children love a speedy water slide. And in fact, I don’t mind one myself.

We’re excited then that WetnWild opens here in Sydney tomorrow.  The website has all the info on more than 40 rides, including large spaces for younger children.

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Fairy Bower Rock Pool Manly

Fairy Bower Manly rock pool

Sydney’s rock pools are a pretty unique feature of our city’s coastline. The harbour pools are pretty cool too.

They don’t come cuter and more appealling than the baby of them all, little Fairy Bower Pool at Manly.

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Dawn Fraser Pool, Balmain – Sydney Harbour Pools and Beaches

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 Here’s a place that makes my heart sing and sums up so many things I love about Sydney.

A harbour pool, beautiful old buildings, a little pocket of calm yet so close to the heart of our scintillating city. If you like to swim and your kids like to splash, make a date this summer for a visit to this gorgeous harbour pool.

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Swimming as Exercise 2 – An Interview with Hayley Lewis

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Here’s an interview I did with swimming champ Hayley Lewis on just these topics.

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Swimming For My Sanity – And Why Swimming Is Such Great Exercise For Mums

Swimming at Freshwater Pool

Doing laps at the ocean pool at Freshwater Beach

I went swimming a few times last week and my mental health is far better for it.

What is it about being immersed in water that makes one feel better all over, inside and out?

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Parramatta Swimming Centre – Fantastic Water Slides!

Even if you don’t live close to this pool, it’s well worth making at least an annual pilgrimage.

The water slides here are unique in Sydney and fantastic fun.

I used to take my older boys here every year but hadn’t been for far too long. The twins and I met friends here on that hot, hot Tuesday last week.  And kept cool!

parramatta swimming centre

Wide shot of the Olympic pool from the top of the waterslide hill.

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Parramatta Swimming Centre – More Photos

See more photos and read our full review here.

parramatta swimming centre slides

Setting off on the water slides

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North Sydney Pool – Sydney’s Most Family-Friendly Swimming Pools

Oh, I do love North Sydney Pool, and my love has been true for almost 25 years.

I used to live at Milson’s Point and would have a swim here in the mornings before dashing up to work on The Midday Show With Ray Martin at Channel 9.

Those were the days!

When my big boys were wee boys we lived in North Sydney and they did some swimming lessons here just after the indoor pools were built.

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Sydney’s Best Pools for Kids- Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre (Updated)

Five went mad at the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre!

I hadn’t taken all the children there before and was interested to see what the older boys would think. I took my four plus one random friend for extra added fun.

They had a ball. They enjoyed it more than I expected in fact. The kids are used to the more plentiful joys of Lane Cove Pool, Ryde Pool and the Sydney Olympic Pool; Ian Thorpe has less space dedicated to kids and families but what did the kids care? It was wet, warm and there was space enough to splash, they had a terrific time. And they were exhausted afterwards, crucially.

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Swimming Laps Outdoors in Sydney – My Very Favourite Places

So, this is the summer of sea swimming for me. It’s been decided.

I don’t quite know why but the notion has fixed itself firmly in my noddle.

I’ve enjoyed swimming all my life and would always have said – yes, even as a child in Bonnie, Chilly Scotland – that I loved sea swimming.

And Sydney excels. EXCELS, I tell you, when it comes to swimming laps outside.

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Top Five Things To Do In Sydney – With Kids


I was set a blog challenge by the lovely Katrina Whelan, Melbourne-based Babyology writer, Seamsaway proprietrix and, in her spare time, mother of four.


She tweeted:

Oooooohhhh… where to start?  How to end?!

And how on earth does she to have four children aged 5-9? That’s four kids in four years!

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School Holidays In Sydney – Our Top Ten ‘To Do’ List For These Holidays

After our first term with all four children at school, we’ll probably be starting off with a few pyjama days at home.

I could do with at least a dozen of those.  It’s rather daunting to have the Intn’l Man of Mystery away for another four weeks.

But the little kids are very lively. They need to be exercised like puppy dogs.

And the big boys need to be reminded that fresh air is good for them.

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Sydney School Holidays Day 45/47- DIY Water Slides

We’ve had such a laugh at various water slides over these Christmas holidays.

I think the four kids have enjoyed them almost as much as their dad and myself.

But the homemade slides have been the best fun.

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Sydney’s Best Ocean Pools – MacCallum Pool, Cremorne Point

Hop on the ferry at Circular Quay, get off at Cremorne Point and then amble along the walkway to this hidden gem on the waters of the harbour.

The views over Sydney Harbour are absolutely gorgeous. The huge trees by the pool are glorious to too. The water is refreshing, the ferries glide by, yachts bob.

Any complaints?  I don’t think so.

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Manly Waterworks Review

OMG we just had the best day yesterday down at Manly Waterworks.

This is an annual trip for us, and it’s a point in time where the changes in the kids are so clear.

Last year the twins were tall enough (almost!) to slide but not brave enough to go by themselves.  I was sliding with them.

This year they slid joyfully without me… for hours.  We took the wee boys next door and friends of the big boys joined us.  So all four of the children were galloping up and sliding down with friends as well as each other.

And I sat on my bottom down below.  Got a takeaway coffee, bought ice blocks, doled out sunscreen, water and food.

It was sublime.

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Sydney’s Most Family-Friendly Swimming Pools – Cook + Phillip Park Aquatic Centre

Here’s a great spot for babies, toddlers and preschoolers, and for your older children too, especially when the wave machine is operating.

This pool is the closest one to the city centre and, of course, it does get crowded, especially during holidays.

This pool is excellent in combination with a trip to the Australian Museum which is next door.  That’s what I call a very full day of culture and exercise!

I’ve posted a short but sweet video of the pool here.

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Cook + Phillip Park Aquatic Centre – Video

Here’s a little video of Cook + Phillip Park pool, from both above and below the water.

Hope you enjoy it!


Sydney’s Best Pools for Kids- Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre

Hooray for Ryde Pool, as we call it.

This lovely indoor complex is a fave of our family on hot sunny days, on wet, rainy days and on many days in between.

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