2013 Beach Walk for Brain Cancer – Sunday 24th November 2013


I know I am not alone in having lost a loved one to cancer, nor in knowing children who have lost a parent.

It’s helpful to assist our friends and family as they endure their illness. It’s also helpful - and so healing for us survivors - to help find better treatments and even cures for the cancers that kill.

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Sydney Coastal Walks With Kids – Dee Why To Curl, Curl

Dee Why Walk-3crop

It’s become a habit to always do something good for me on the day before school holidays start and the day after they wend.

And yesterday I especially needed a treat, a bit of a boost.  I’d found the last couple of days of the holidays really hard and had been very weepy.

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Cremorne Point Walk – Stroller Walks In Sydney

If you’re looking for a very, very beautiful walk, look no further.

This one has the best Harbour views, a lovely sea pool and even a playground. Quick, grab the pram, get going!

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Cremorne Point – A Secret Lighthouse!

We all love a lighthouse and why wouldn’t we?

And there’s nothing like a little adventure by the Harbour.

Here’s one to enjoy when your children have become sure-footed.

Robertson Point Lighthouse is at the very tip of Cremorne Point. (I’ve put a map at the bottom of this post.)

The lighthouse is still active, it flashes green at night, every three seconds I believe, the same as the lighthouse at Bradley’s Head. [Read more...]

Child-Friendly Walks in Sydney – Three Ideas For Your Family

Guest Post by Larissa Mane

When they’re in the house, they’re bored. When they’re outdoors, they’re bored. But when they find something fun, you never hear the end of it. Kids are a tough crowd to entertain sometimes, and that’s especially true when you want to squeeze in some quality time with the bubs and get some exercise at the same time.

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Warriewood Wetlands – Sydney’s Most Family-Friendly Walks

Who knew that 26 hectares of wetland was hidden here so close to Warriewood’s shopping centre?

Not me for a long, long time.

Warriewood Wetland is the largest remaining sandplain wetland in Sydney. After many decades of dispute, this important are is now protected and can be enjoyed by the community.

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Family Fun at Jervis Bay – The Wreck Walk from Abraham’s Bosom, Currarong

This is a really easy 2.5km walk, very suitable for young children and even for parents with babies and toddlers in 4WD strollers.

Obviously, there’s much discussion of pirates, shipwrecks, buried treasure etc on a walk like this.

My friend and I, with our four twins, went on a wild and windy day. The waves were crashing on the beach with the remnants of the wreck, spray was flying through the air, too wet to even take a photo!

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Jervis Bay Family Fun- Telegraph Creek Natural Trail

Here’s a very easy and really gorgeous short bushwalk that’s suitable for almost every family.  It’s only 2.4km long and takes about an hour when you’re going at childs’ pace.

Last time we were down at Jervis Bay, we left Giant Teenager snoozing in his fetid pit and came walking with the three younger children. Our twins are five and could easily have walked all the way but they have their dad and brother wrapped around their little fingers.

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Sydney’s Best Stroller Walks – Heart of the Harbour City

Here’s a wonderful, long walk which is a must for all visitors to Sydney.  Whether pushing a stroller or walking with the family, it’s a manageable route with views that will take your breath away.


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Sydney’s Best Stroller Walks- Crossing the Coathanger

And after that long, long Easter and Anzac weekend, here’s an extract from Sydney For Under Fives about a nice healthy and very beautiful way to burn off a few of those chocolatey calories.

Views to lift the heart and mind; Sydney Opera House on a blue sky day.

This is a stroller walk right across the Harbour Bridge, it’s a wonderful way to see the city and Harbour and the lovely suburb of Kirribili on the north side.

The twins and I did the walk from the north side in fact, we parked the car in Kirribili and then galloped up the steps there.

The kids did enjoy seeing the water, boats and bridge, but the best bit about it for my wee boy was watching all the trains puffing by on the other side of the road.

I must say I had forgotten how very noisy it is up on the Bridge with all those cars and trucks roaring past, that took a while to get used to.

Read on for the full walk description:

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Harbour Bridge Walk – Extra Photos

A wide shot of the Harbour around the Opera House; how BLUE is that water??!!

It's very safe for the kids, luckily as mine are very fast, great at climbing and terribly inquisitive.

The gorgeous suburb of Kirribilli, great cafes and a lovely playground here on the north shore of the Harbour.


Mr4 loves watching the cars and trains whizzing by


Yes, I know, this part of the walk does look like the exterior of some scenic prisons!