Dr James Best: Two New Books and A Website


If you’re in need of any help with the kids, can I recommend Dr James Best’s new website Parenting For Today?

Dr James Best and his wife Benison O’Reilly are good family friends of ours.  We first met many years ago at a group for parents of children with autism.  Benison O’Reilly and I co-wrote the first edition of the Australian Autism Handbook and also Beyond The Baby Blues.



James is a GP and a very handy person to ask for medical advice, he’s very patient and calm. I’m very lucky to have he and Benison as friends.



James has just started a website www.drjamesbest.com where he writes about children’s health and development.


These are the posts and videos James has on the site so far.

Episode 1 – Have you ever wondered what kind of a parent you want to be?

Episode 2 – Babies and crying

Episode 3 – The first year

Episode 4 – The second year

Episode 5 – Tantrums

Episode 6 – The play age – part 1

Episode 7 – The play age – part 2

Episode 8 The primary school years

Episode 9 – Temperament

Episode 10 – Parental baggage and expectations

Episode 11 – Nurturing and attachment

James has a 300 page ebook called Kidsense which is full of great info and good sense and is available from the Dr James Best website.

dr james best books websites

Having trouble with a tantrumming child? I feel your pain. James’ website can help.


In August Dr James Best will have a book published by Allen and Unwin. It’s called ‘Sam’s Best Shot’ and is the story of an autism adventure in Africa.

Sam and James spent six months travelling in Africa, with the aim of helping Sam’s overall development.  The book looks terrific.  Here’s where you can find more info as the book is published.

Sam’s Best Shot Facebook page

Sam’s Best Shot website 

Sam’s Best Shot on Allen and Unwin website


Happy reading!

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Posted on: June 5, 2017

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