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Kayaking in Southern Queensland Country – so much to explore.

Happy Anzac Day to all the Aussies and Kiwis, hope that you are having a restful day today, and thinking, as we are, of our servicemen, living and passed away. Great gratitude from this household.

Ah, where shall we wander to?  Where do you fancy?

Well, first of all, lets look at Southern Queensland and then come with me on a waft through South East Asia. Later on I’ve got the fruits of my early research into Responsible Tourism – much to learn!


Big Skies In Southern Queensland Country

We’ve never been in inland Queensland, but here’s a video that makes me want to pack up six swags and head straight there.

If you’ve got two spare minutes, enjoy this visit in the company of a true Aussie bush lover, Russell Jackson.

(If you haven’t got two minutes… time to take stock of your life!)

Queensland Holidays Youtube channel is hereHOURS of armchair travelling to be enjoyed.


Ankor Wat and Cambodia With Kids

Michelle is a mum of three and expat American who lives in Penang, Malaysia. She blogs at Malaysian Meanders and her posts are always very comprehensive and family-focused.

When I read her post on visiting Ankor Wat and Siem reap, I felt I had all the info I need to pick up the phone and book the whole trip. Love posts like that! They are SO much more useful to families than the too-general articles we often read in newspapers and magazine.   Read the post here.

Spring Break 2014 279_mmTitle

LEGOLANDArc2 resize


Did you know there’s a LEGOLAND in Malaysia.  It opened in 2012 and is in Johor, easily reached from Singapore or Kuala Lumper. Easier to visit than the one my kids have asked to visit in England.

I’d love to see the Peronas Tower built in Lego. The park looks huge and good fun. Although theme parks are not my fave places, I know the kids would love a visit, especially having just seen the LEGO Movie. The park currently has activities based around the movie going on. Doesn’t that water park look fun. We love a good water park.

LLMR Park Map

The Beachfront Club

Here’s a handy website for travellers who want to be sure that if a hotel says it’s on the beach then it is genuinely beach front.

The Beachfront Club is really a travel booking site.  Absolute 100% beachfront hotels of all types can join the site and upload their information and photos.  You can then book the hotels via Agoda or Expedia.

Put ‘family’ into the search box at the top and many options come up, a delight to browse around.

I don’t like some of the design elements of this website but find it a marvellous place to feast my eyes on tropical beaches and to indulge in some fantasty travel planning. Top of my list today being the Andaman White Beach Resort, Phuket.  Are you coming?

Phuket_Nai_thon_Beach_Andaman_White_Beach_Resort_Beach_Bar__Pizzeria_6_1_d01d7b7cd0b1ddf3926a66e0a448d1c7_600x400 Phuket_Nai_thon_Beach_Andaman_White_Beach_Resort_aerial3_1_824ed8f444fe638873e9dde28e309f0d_600x400 Phuket_Nai_thon_Beach_Andaman_White_Beach_Resort_Sea_View_Duplex_3_1_f0e69d028f28d2513904db150aebeb70_600x400


Learning About … Responsible Tourism

I’ve always had a belief in doing the right thing when on the road: dress modestly when appropriate, be polite, take care of the environment, try to stay at places where staff are treated well.  I thought I’d start a personal project to research more about ethical and responsible travel and to share what I learn with readers.

So I’ve started off by reading around these websites:

International Centre For Responsible Tourism

Read their Reasons For Responsible Tourism page here.

and the Australian representative is at:

International Centre for Responsible Tourism Australia

The ICRT – Australia’s aim is to help destinations, tourism enterprises and communities prosper by applying sustainable principles through responsible actions, in other words creating better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit.  

2014-04-23 Tourism

 That’s my wander around the world for this week. All my escapist needs have been soothed.

Have you read any good stuff you’d like to share?

Do you try to be a responsible holiday maker?

Have a great weekendSignature

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  • Reply April 25, 2014

    Lydia C. Lee

    It’s funny you wrote about responsible tourism, having just come back from Siem Reap, I’m very taken with the idea of building charity and life changing organisation funding into tourism – I will be writing more on it soon, but notable mentions are Phare Cambodian Circus (which is up there with Cirque de Soleil) and many restaurants that are linked to charities or local farmers.

    • Reply April 25, 2014

      Seana Smith

      Coincidence! I didn’t realise that’s where you were going. I’ll look forward very much to hearing about your trip there and esp about responsible tourism.

  • Having been to Phuket (and other areas of Thailand) pre and without kids, I would love to introduce my children to the Land of Smiles. Andamon White Beach Resort looks like just the ticket!

  • Reply April 26, 2014


    Oh No!!!
    We nearly went to lego land when we were in Malaysia but changed our mind at the last minute!! I cannot show this story to the kids they will be so unimpressed with me. Great story :)

    • Reply May 1, 2014

      Seana Smith

      I promise never to reveal your secret!

  • Reply April 28, 2014

    Desire Empire

    Who knew about Lego land. We are almost past that stage happily, but this would be a winner for more dedicated parents than me.

    I also love the idea of the Beachfront Club

    • Reply May 1, 2014

      Seana Smith

      The problem with theme parks is you never know how busy they will be and I can’t bear huge crowds. My twinnies would still love Legoland… I bet my teens would too, though they’d never admit it.

  • Reply May 6, 2014


    Oh the beachfront site and that actual beach look Devine! We are heading to the Windsor Legoland in July but will get to the Johor one too one day! I too love the review of Siem Reap it’s one of my very favourite spots xx

    • Reply May 6, 2014

      Seana Smith

      I have never been to Siem Reap but its not firmly on the list. Great to e-meet you, I haven’t visited your blog before but will pop over for a look today. Lucky you to have plans for the Englishg Legoland. I have a notion to get my mob to London next year, we’ll see!

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