Good Enough Mum – How One Son Sees His Mum

At last!  One of the children is interested in taking photos… I might finally make an appearance in some of the family photo albums.

That’s all I’ll say as I’m linking to Wordless Wednesday, kindly hosted by My Little Drummer Boys, pop over!

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  1. Tee hehe. I have an album full of photos of our family without me in almost any of them. I swear my children will ask me where I was in all the photos. And yes, I have had some photoss taken by little hands and they looks just like yours.

  2. What good photos! You have my dream kitchen too… those drawers.. ahhh…

    • Yes, I absolutely LOVE my kitchen, it has been in for about 18 months and I still often look around and can’t believe how lucky I am. It’s flabby… if only the cooking matched… but learning slowly.

  3. Oh, you are gorgeous. Ella and I love the second last one in the kitchen! x

    • Ha! The kitchen is gorgeous, not sure about me! I notice that I am always in pyjamas or the one grey baggy shirt… errr…. that’s about right. Must try to wear something else for a change.

  4. Photographer in training, maybe!? hehe.
    Fun photos. x

  5. Ha Ha Ha! Totally understand…My profile pic is ahum..a few years old.

    It is wonderful that your little one is beginning to take an interest in photography! I too dream of the day I will begin to show up in family albams lol

    (P.S. LOVING that crockery draw!)


    • The drawers are just wonderful… and I am very publicly in love with the dishwasher too. It gets into such a routine of emptying into the drawers, I could do it with my eyes closed… but better not…

  6. He he … cheeky Man.

    I think I am seeing a pattern here. I have heaps of photos but not too many with me in them. I tend to be behind the camera. Mine are not old enough to take photos yet … but I am sure as it is technology when the time comes they are going to be terrors.

    Thanks for sharing!!

    • Yours will probably be using photos/tablets etc etc Kids are so flash these days. Are you off to Problogger Event??

      • Yes … they are both addicted to the iPhone (not using the camera bit yet) … but to the point that I refer to them as the ‘Steve Jobs Device’

        I wish I was going to Problogger. I am sure that it is going to be a great event. I just could not justify another trip to Melbourne after the nuffnang one. However I am going to the Digital Parents one next year … you coming?

  7. Certainly a photographer in training there!

  8. I completely understand – I don’t think I’m in ANY photos! In saying that it’s hard enough me taking photos of my babies who despise the camera, let along organising them and me together! I think it’s important though, so many mums say this, so many moments lost for the future. I feel a project/challenge coming on….

    • Yes, that’s a good idea for a photo blogging challenge isn’t it? I’m yet to have a camera broken, but it can’t be long now….

      • It is!
        My babies are much too young to point and shoot with any accuracy or purpose, let alone be trusted with a camera! And that’s my biggest fear… oopsie daisy dropped! :(
        I have a wireless remote, but the thought of being the photo taker and being IN the photo doesn’t work for me just yet!

  9. I’m looking forward to when my daughter gets tall enough to take a photo with a flattering angle! So far there’s lots of my tummy and cleavage and double chin! Great shots. Nurture your budding photographer’s talent!

    • Hey, great idea to get wee Rusty Rocket up high on a chair next time he’s in a photo mood. And thank goodness for the delete button on the camera, we have so many shots of the floor, half a chair etc etc

  10. Totally cute & fabulous modelling with the jammie pants. Keeping it real, love Posie

  11. CrashBoy broke one of my camera lenses. Both kids like to try and take photos with the iPhone though, so I might get into some family albums yet ;)

  12. A budding photographer – my boys love to snap me unawares.
    Hi Seana – Thanks for linking up !

    Trish MY Little Drummer Boys

  13. Ha ha I love that idea. I dare not give my children the camera. I might not like what the photography

  14. Beautiful kitchen! Fiona over at My Mummy Daze has a linky called the 52 week project that is about taking a self portrait of yourself every week for the year, starting anytime. Same reason – lots of photos of the husband and kids, but not so many of Mum!

  15. Ha! Love it. It’s funny when I start to plead with someone to take a picture of me with the family, so I can prove I was actually around for the past…oh, year or two.

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