Good Enough Mum – Slack Sunday Mothering


Sometimes it’s very wise to do some slack parenting. A bit of benign neglect can be good for the kids.

But who cares about being good for the kids, it can be good for the mum.  And for the au pair too, in our case.

This morning, Bethany and myself went to see ‘The Hobbit’ at long last.

We outsourced the twins to Dexbox13, who took them to see ‘The Rise of The Guardians.’

Then he took them off to buy lollies and look in a games’ shop and generally potter about the mall.

Who knew teenagers could be so useful?

No helicopter parenting here, thanks!

Do you enjoy neglecting the kids occasionally?

Well, how else will they learn independence and street smarts?

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  1. I neglect them when it’s legal to do so. You have to get your breaks were you can.

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