Good Enough Mum – The Plan Is… There Is No Plan!

I’m all for using a weekly meal plan.  Great idea.  My mum always made one, both my sisters use them, and I do too, currently using the beautiful ones I get at Kikki K.

But as with most of my plans, my meal plan has a fatal flaw.  It never works!

Which doesn’t really matter. At least there is a plan, and that’s a start.

The picture above shows a fairly typical ‘after’ picture of my family’s meal plans.  Mine are a bit complex as hubby is veggie and the rest of us are voracious omnivores.

The Easy Mango Chicken really was absolutely awful, by the way.  Even the cat wouldn’t eat it.  I do love the handy standbyness of a fish finger, don’t you?

Do you plan your meals?  Does your meal plan generally work out?  Does your meal plan sometimes have a fatal flaw?

Or is it just me?

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  1. I totally do this! I use the handy planner from Typo, but generally, I use the plan as a ‘guide’ meaning “At least I have all of the ingredients for these things on hand even if we end up eating cereal”. And I *adore* the saving grace of the humble fish finger. You can’t go wrong with a ham & cheese toasty, either. ;)

    • Quite agree… yes, at least the shopping is done, there’s food in the house. My wee girl is having ham and cheese toasties for breakfast at the moment, great for any meal. Beans on toast another failsafe standy.

      • Ha! The day I get my picky-eaters to eat beans will be the day you hear me howling with glee 5 suburbs away! (I like beans, can you tell?)

  2. Yes it is working. LOL.
    I am new to meal planning and I am just doing it now Well I’m reading blogs instead of doing it. I find that I don’t stick to them but it does give me idea for what I can cook. if I don’t feel like something or didn’t get the meat out then I just cook something else off the list.
    I resort to Stegglers Chicken Tenders quite a lot… they are my fish finger back ups (I hate fingers but can eat a whole packet of chicken tenders or nuggets). My hubby is mad for beef and the kids don’t eat that too well so the fish, chicken & pork diet gets a bit much for him. I say if he doesn’t like it make something himself – he soon eats it.

    • Just checked this week’s plan and it said ‘spag bol’ so I pulled it out of the freezer, too easy. Not sure what hubby will eat. Avocado sandwich if desperate! My husband also can’t cook/won’t cook. he genuinely prefers to starve – he’s a weird bloke.

      I must try some chicken for my handy backup plan. I’ve just got stuck on the old fish fingers.

  3. No formal meals plans for me. I sometimes channel my domestic side and plan two whole meals in advance, but then lose interest. I think it comes from having two teenage boys in the house who are simultaneously voracious and fussy eaters. There never seems to be a meal that pleases everyone and I have to shop nearly every day anyway, so why plan ahead? That’s my justification anyway!
    BTW Latina Fresh Pasta is my standby. My family is probably singlehandedly keeping the company afloat!

    • Ah yes, Benison, that pasta has kept our fussy vegetarian fed on many an occasion. It keeps for ages in the bottom of the fridge.. and use-by dates are terribly conservative anyway, aren’t they??! Aren’t they!!??

  4. Jodi Gibson says:

    I used to and then got off track, a bit like yourself, it always ended in a mess! But I have recently started up again and it is working well. I only plan dinner though not lunch and breakfast LOL. Dinner is hard enough!

    • Imagine planning lunch and breakfast too… actually, I love breakfasts and would like to eat a different gourmet brekkie every day… maybe when I retire.

  5. I love the idea of doing a weekly meal plan. It is something I should do … I am just not organised enough when it comes to meals to do it.

    • I wasn’t doing this until quite recently, Bron. I used to live really close to the shops and could walk to a Harris Farm within minutes. It all got much tougher when we moved to the ‘burbs and I had to juggle four kids etc etc I had to get more of a grip… well, try to!

  6. I love having meals planned. I don’t always stick to it, things might slide from one day to the next, but it’s a guide.
    It became a sunday evening ritual to plan the weeks menu and ask the rest of the family if there was anything they particularly wanted. Here, life afloat is somewhat different, and I haven’t got my head round the meal planning. No fridge or freezer so very tricky, and not always knowing what we will be doing and what fresh stuff will be available. You’ve made me think Seana, perhaps i’ll write about it too.

  7. I have never been successful in sticking to a meal planner. Perhaps this is because the only one I ever have is in my head. Love the idea that you can buy them, I’m so naive – I had no idea! That must be hard having a veggie husband thrown into the mix. While I am writing this my 2 year old is chomping strawberries in half and thowing the other half at the dog to eat. Hope he is a strawberry eating dog ;-)

  8. Hi Seana,

    We LOVE seeing our products put to good use. And this is definitely ‘good’ use! Meal planning, family life, cooking and happiness all require planning and organisation… and a good dose of flexibility and humour. Your meal planner shows ‘mission accomplished.’

    We’d love to know what’s the on the pizzas tonight, and is there a slice for us too?

    Love kikki.K x

  9. This is totally me! No matter how often I plan, I’ve never followed the plan completely all week! Sometimes it takes me three weeks to eat our 5 day menu plan. (I’ve given up trying to plan on weekends…) What can I say, I’m flexible. (Which is much nicer way of saying I’m unorganised!)

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