Grateful for Sheer Good Luck

You can get into a real philosophical discussion about it… are people lucky or do you make your own luck?


Like most things in life, I reckon that there’s little black and white in making your own luck, it’s all shades of grey.

Except when it comes to raffles. That’s just luck. So long as you’ve got the ticket, you’re in it and you might just win it.

And I did. Won a prize at our rugby league club dinner dance. A nine-week personal training package at our very local Vision Personal Training studio.

A few years, even months, ago, I might have thought this was less of a prize than a punishment. But just at the moment, I reckon it’s a sign! (Cue spooky music…)

My littlest are soon to go to school; this is a change of life for all mums. Life is definitely much easier and mums can focus more on themselves. There’s every reason to finally, finally get a grip and lose a few kilos. Get down to a healthy weight range for my height. Finally.

I think I’ve taught myself to maintain weight, and have learned to enjoy a bit of exercise.

So, maybe Lady Luck has sent me this personal training to tell me… yes, the time is now… no more excuses.  A helping hand, accountability, a motivator.   So I will give this lucky chance my best shot, be very grateful for it.

Other prizes in the raffle included wine, chocolate and meals out.

Which raffle prize would you have preferred to win?

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  1. Ah, tricky! You see I would most likely want to wine, but a personal trainer would be great to keep me on track. Much easier to keep motivated when someone is there with you!

    • I think it might just make a difference this time. I did try it before a couple of years ago just briefly, but I wasn’t committed and couldn’t bear lifting hugely heavy weights. This company seems much more holistic. We’ll see!

  2. Hmmmmm- hard choice. But I think you’re on a winner and have done well. Enjoy it muchly :O)

    • Of course, one can still have fitness and a bit of choccie and a wee snifter here and there… yes, indeedy.

  3. When the universe speaks, I say we should listen. Can’t wait to hear how you go with it! All the best! x

    • Yes, it does feel like the universe is speaking… and winning the raffle rather than having a heart attack means it’s still whispering, not yet shouting. Whew.

  4. Jodi Gibson says:

    Sounds like a great prize and a great challenge LOL! Look forward to hearing how much you enjoy it – I’m sure you will x

  5. You scored!! What a great win and what great timing for you.

  6. Oh you definitely got the best prize!! It’s really the only one you would choose not to spend the money on for yourself. It’s the sort of thing you would always come up with something more important to buy – but nothing is more important than health. It affects everything not just your physical health, but it can really boost your self-esteem and pride in your own hardwork and achievement.
    I hope you are really looking forward to challenging yourself to make the most of this and really be the best you can be!!!

    • You are so right Cate, nothing is more important than health. They asked about my motivations and I said absolutely honestly: ‘I want to be a granny!’ And a I do… so better keep healthy.

  7. I’m almost at the end of 4 weeks pretty full on PT sessions (can’t really afford them after this) and they have been absolutely fantastic for me. Killed me, but been great as well. I think it would be the ideal prize. Good luck with your training, you’ll hopefully love it!

    • I’ve enjoyed hearing bits and pieces about your training, and others write of dry July… so the heavens seemed to be aligning!

  8. I can understand it being a great prize for you Seana, what you say makes perfect sense, but my heart would have dropped if it was me. Gyms not my thing at all, prefer the fresh air, though Ash always reminds me it doesn’t rain in the gym!

  9. Hey Seana, great blog and great progress I must say! You are going so well and I am SURE it was YOUR time and you deserve it. Keep up the great work and the results will (and are already) speak for themselves. Interesting that we ask “can we afford it” when we should really be asking “can we afford not to?” Cheers! Ali

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