Good Enough Mum – Here’s Another Handy Hint!

Here's a very useful little device for jotting down those hard to remember but vital to do items. The hand! An aide memoir that has stood the test of time! I use mine all the time, handier than an iPhone, more portable than an iPad, and you'll never lose it when out and about!

Today I’m grateful to have two hands, one to write and one to be written upon.  And grateful for the habit of list writing on all sorts of surfaces, I’d be lost without my lists.

Linking today to Kymmie over at A Day In The Life Of Us, she’s hosting Weekend Grateful, pop over to read some thoughtful, some funny, always grateful reflections on life.

Do you write things on your hand?  Or did you give that up in high school?

And, most important question: what’s written on your hand?

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  1. I love my lists – actually need my lists otherwise my brain clogs up and I can’t sleep, which then makes me a very grumpy mummy, which in turn…well, you get the idea :-P
    And I still write on my hands occasionally – usually food items required when I run into the supermarket, toddler on hip. A hand is a whole lot easier than carrying a physical list when half your body is preoccupied.

    • And a shopping list on the hand can’t get left in the car, always used to happen and it was just too hard to go back and get it when with twins… sigh…

  2. Lol! I still do this all the time. I can see my work colleagues looking at me strangely sometimes and my son thinks it’s just plain weird… “Mummy, what you writing on your hand?” he asks with a tone of judgemental incredulity.
    I usually just write the shopping list…

    • My kids haven’t got into hand writing either… strange lot.. or maybe their brains are working better than mine?? Popping over to see you in a min, I’ve been reading artier and we have loads in common, it sounds like.

  3. I still do this sometimes. The other day I got in trouble from my 4yr old who asked me “Don’t they have paper at you’re work, mummy?”

  4. Dee - BabyGalah says:

    Love a good list, no wait, NEED a good list or ten !
    How long before someone designs an iphone app to save our hands ??
    Have a great weekend :)

    • I think I need a phone or other device surgically implanted into my hand… am always losing my phone, esp when trousers am wearing don’t have pockets – terrible!

  5. I don’t write on my hand anymore. But I love my lists. I have lists coming out my ears. I don’t often complete items on the lists but I like the lists nonetheless.

    • I love to move items off one list and onto another, nothing like a nice, new fresh list… oh look, there’s one on my desk.

      Must get to bed!!

  6. I love lists too. I used to write on my hands all the time but I have this little app on my iphone that syncs with everything (ipad/desktop) that enables me to do things … it evens allows me to set reoccurring tasks. Makes me feel all organised … until I run out of time and then have to reschedule all of those tasks :(

    • LOL! What’s that app.. Does it remind you to look at it??? I have work lists, kids’ lists, house lists and email lists… but the hand wins, err … hands down.

  7. Oh, I love a list. And anywhere I can get it really. But why do we need all this technology when a pen and a hand is all we really need?

    You’re so cute and funny!

    Thanks so much for linking up today!


    • It’ time we need as well isn’t it? I find everything just so much easier when I haven’t packed the days too tight. Love Sundays at home.

  8. I feel like I’m the only person in the world that doesn’t have an iPad, iPhone and other technological fang-dangle daily organisers… so I rely on the back of my hand ALL.THE.TIME!
    And fridge magnets, and post it notes, and my notebook….
    My hand currently has a phone number on it; I do that regularly, despite having my mobile phone near by – the tiny buttons and predictive text frustrate me when I’m in a hurry! LOL

    • Glad to meet another back of the hander. I’m a bit concerned when people write about ink poioning, better get googling. Thanks for your comment, nice to be in touch.

  9. Very good advice and just a tad funn!! I just worm my kids at the start of every school holidays. Makes it harder to forget!

    • That is a good idea, my kids love being wormed as the choccie stuff tastes good. their preschool teacher says she worms herself each school hold. Top tip!

  10. Hey Seana, Oh, I feel so much better, knowing there are many other forgetful Mums out there. Slowly realising it comes with the territory, how are we supposed to remember so many things??I think I need to get back to the hand (so to speak), I have loads of lists floating around because when I think of something I need to do, my notebook is never around, and I forget to put my shopping list in my handbag half the time too. At the moment, all I see are wrinkles and more wrinkles on my hands (note to self, apply hand cream before bed tonight!), or maybe I could camouflage them with notes. ps. re: my post on independent little people, unfortunately the attention span doesn’t quite make it through more than a couple of face washers. xSam

    • LOL, after taking that photo I got out some hand cream and lathered it on. When I saw the photo I thought it must be my mum’s hand… hers looked like that when I was a wee girl… but now I am the mum with the mum hands. Weird!

  11. Oh I used to write on my hand all the time – I haven’t done it in so long. I used to write on the inside though, and it would end up all smudged. Sometimes it’s the simple things! Hope you’re enjoying a lovely weekend. xx

    • The inside?! Then you had to remember to look at it… hmmm… but I am getting a bit concerned at the idea of ink poisoning….

  12. now the hands are very useful! there was one stage it was written with notes and numbers… for some reason it stopped. Dont really know why though….

    • Maybe you stopped cos you got so very, very on top of all the things you had to do… just a thought… I can’t imagine ever having more than brief moments of thinking ‘whew, everything’s done.’

  13. LOL! I thought your handy hint was to worm my kids! Are we still supposed to do that??

    • My kids do get worms, delightful. We had a bout of the dreaded Itchy Bottom with my daughter, she woke at night crying saying her bot itched so worming seemed a good idea… and itch departed. It’s yukky but has to be done.

  14. Very handy indeed. I used to do it quite a bit and then someone scolded me, telling me I’d get ink poisoning. This is a falacy, right? They were just trying to scare me, I assume. Anyway, it worked! It would make my life easier to get back to hand list writing though. As you say Seana, so much more portable! x

    • Hope the ink poisoning idea is a fallacy, otherwise I’m a goner! Tomorrow’s hand message will be ‘raffle tix!!’ and ‘teacher birthday.’ The life of a mum of some school kids!

  15. I love lists! I make them all the time, I carry around paper with me everywhere to make a list! I used to write on my hand, until Mum told me how I could get ink poisioning from it, I was 16 at the time and I’ve never done it since!

  16. I am hoping your mum wasn’t right… better check though! Mums just need list after list after list… my current MUST REMEMBER for tomorrow is about ten items deep… and I must remember to add butter to the shopping list…

  17. List lovers unite!
    I’ll make a list of names, shall I?
    Alphabetised, chronological or according to the placement of vowels?
    Too far?

  18. I do it all the time! Thanks for Rewinding.

  19. I’ve graduated to writing on the inside of my wrist. Less obtrusive and if you glance quickly just looks like a cool tatoo ;)

  20. Yip – I’m a list writer and often have something written on my hand when pen and paper are not handy. Although, come to think of it, I haven’t written anything on my hand at all since we have been travelling in South America these past 5 months. Perhaps it’s the more laid back lifestyle, or that my wonderful partner is so organised!

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