How To Find A Great Au Pair in Australia – Advertising

When we decided that enough was enough and it was time to find a live-in au pair again, we turned to Gumtree.

In the past we used the website Great AuPair which connected us to young people overseas who were keen to come to Australia.

But this time I needed someone fast and for a short time. And I needed someone who could drive straight away. So Gumtree it was. You can see on the graphic above to see how I searched for au pairs in Job-Nannies and Babysitters in Sydney and surrounds.

There were quite a few people looking for jobs and HEAPs of people advertising.  Lots of parents describe their ‘gorgeous, well behaved children’ but I couldn’t do that, false advertising.

So here’s the advert I loaded up.

I paid about $7 to promote it a bit. Then waited.

Not for long. Within a week there were 21 replies.

I asked Bethany what she thinks of Gumtree as a place to look for jobs. She said:

‘It’s the best. You get a few psychos but there are good people too.’

And that was my experience.

Next I’ll post on my experiences in the past using Great AuPair. And then I’ll do a ‘what to look for’ post.  Bethany’s staying for three months as it turns out. Great.

Have you looked for an au pair?

How did you search?

 Read more about our new au pair Bethany here. 


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  1. I had been a little skeptical about Gumtree but that was all based on others’ opinions. So, it’s good to hear your positive story. Private room with TV and Internet? Can I come over after Bethany leaves ??? :)

    • Yes, pop over, bring the twins, lets start a harem, our blokes can do a week on week off, it’d work out well! Gumtree works for me but I’m pretty confident about weeding people out these days.

  2. So interesting! I’d love to hear your experience with an Au Pair. We don’t have that culture of hiring one in Singapore as getting other kinds of domestic helpers are preferred.

    • Yes, do you call the helpers ayah, or is it amah?? I stayed once in Singapore with friends who had the most lovely Filippina girl helping them, she was a treasure.

  3. Great that you got someone good like Bethany. What was your criteria for selecting from the 21 replies? Did you get any pyscho applicants?!!

    • A few daft replies that didn’t appeal! I will write again about what I was looking for and how I searched through and who I chattered to. For me experience was really important as the kids can be quite tricky and I didn’t want to freak someone out. The fact that Bethany is 23 and has four younger brothers and sisters was a great big plus.

  4. So glad you found someone suitable and that Bethany is fitting in so well !
    Have the best day !

  5. Would love an au pair so much! Am thinking when the eldest moves away to uni, she may not have a bedroom to come back to.

  6. I would love to hear more about your experience using both Gumtree and GreatAuPair. We may need to look at a similar option down the track given my son is unlikely to ever cope in after school care so i would be very interested in finding out more about your experience Seana.

  7. Woo hoo, I hope it all works out – I’m sure it will – you can’t really go wrong with an extra pair of helping hands!

  8. With such a gorgeous house – and gorgeous chidren too, indeed ;) I’m not surprised it didn’t take long for you to find someone! Enjoy your summer!

    • Ah, the children are sweet looking but do not let appearances deceive, they are all wild!!

      Thank goodness we have a pool!

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