Murray’s Beach at Jervis Bay – And The Shark That Got Away

walk past sign


This is our very favourite beach of all the beautiful beaches of Jervis Bay.

There’s a Google map at the end to show you exactly where it is.


A little bush walk down to the beach.

kids 1

three kids 2

Never feels crowded.

baby boys snorkel family snorkel

Lovely snorkelling.

jamie snorkel

Crystal clear water – the full works!
kids in water

A year ago we were there and, suddenly, everyone got out of the water.

kids play

Some people in the middle of the beach had seen a huge shark swim along slowly in fairly shallow water!

They were still shaking when they told us the story.

But we couldn’t stay out of the water for long.  Too gorgeous.

And we went back this year, loved snorkelling with the kids.

No sharks seen.

View Larger Map

 If you’ve never visited Jervis Bay, you must!

And pop along to Murrays with a snorkel.

We’ll catch you there!


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  1. Looks so pristine but I’m a pussy when it comes to sharks.

    • I’ll hold your hand Carolyn. I’ve just noticed more photos of this beach, there’s a lovely secret cove at one end, I must get them loaded onto this post too.

  2. I have heard SO much about Jervis Bay – all good of course! Your photos don’t disappoint – wish I could put my feet in the beautiful water right now. Another beach to add to my hit list!

    • We’re in love with Jervis Bay. The water’s so lovely there. There’s a 2km ocean swim there this Sunday called the Clearwater Classic, which I’d be swimming…. but myself and the twins are in Bali, just arrived this arvo. Harsh, harsh.

      Do you think you might do ocean swimming with Sam and Debbie and myself next summer??

  3. Beautiful pictures :) I love the vivid colors.

  4. Love empty beaches. Too bad about the shark but glad you didn’t see one this time around. I always wonder what brings them so close to shore.

  5. We have been – so pristine and beautiful. Too cold for us though! Your photos are stunning!

  6. One of the things that freak me out about Australian beaches is the many shark sightings. Scary!

    But like you said, the beaches there are so gorgeous I doubt I would be able to keep myself out of them for long ;)

    – Maria Alexandra

  7. What amazing pictures!
    It is such a gorgeous and tranquil scene, I would love to take the kiddies here, thanks for sharing :)

  8. Looks gorgeous!! Kind of scary about the shark though. I do have to say that I was in Florida one year and everybody got out of the water as well because of a shark and I just had to see how close I could get to try and get a picture of it! It was pretty awesome, although the lifeguard was none to pleased with me haha. But I got a shot of it! Totally worth getting in trouble for!

    • Ooooo Sere, is that photo on your blog?? Can you let us know the link??

      • Haha I was a little behind in the whole digital camera thing. Until they came out with a really good DSLR I used my film camera. So unfortunately that image was just before I got my first DSLR :(. I’d have to scan it.

  9. Lovely pics and story, Seanna. I can just imagine the scare with the shark. We were in the water in Queensland with the kids back in 2001 when everyone suddenly charged out of the water yelling “Shark”, but luckily it turned out to be no more than a curious dolphin – at which point everyone charged back in!

    • Thanks Johanna, LOL we once thought a blue tongue lizard was a snake. When we were swimming training last year at Mona Vale beach a pod of dolphins came and swam really close to us, the first view of them was a bit… but after that it was amazing. They swim a lot better than we do! Popping over in a minute to say hello on your blog.

  10. Oooh, how exciting, we often spy sharks from vantage points in Noosa National Park while swimmers and surfers are oblivious neaby! They’re only small though.

    What a wonderful place you picked to live. Smart woman :)

  11. Feeling only envy at the moment. I’m cold , it’s damp and I miss that warmth, sun and ease of a warm climate. X

  12. Looks absolutely lovely – and a place I’d have a hard time giving up visiting.

  13. That looks absolutely stunning. I’m quite partial to a beach with no waves. And no sharks.

  14. Looks like a lovely beach — clear water, nice sand, and not too crowded.

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