Optimism in Aspergers and ASD – Video

Autism and Aspergers mums and dads, if you have a minute very soon, do go to the website of Aspergers Services Australia, and have a look at the video Optimism – A Positive Attitude to Yourself and Life.

This video is a talk given by Proff Tony Atwood and Dr Michelle Garnett at the ASA 2nd National Conference.

A friend emailed me about this, she is the lovely mum of a young man with Asperger’s. Here’s what she wrote:

The talk is about Optimism in Autism (Aspergers in particular).  It is so good to see the shift from treating depression to fostering optimism in psychology.  I got a lot out of it, with ideas to assist people on the spectrum stay positive  to general advice on treating depression.  It contains many resources and links to websites, suggested reading etc as well.

As Tony Atwood says:”optimism gives you energy, pessimism slows you down.

I know that’s true! 

Do pop over, you’ll find it uplifting!

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  1. Oh wow !! Thanks for sharing the video …it’s very inspiring !!

  2. Thanks for sharing the link Seana! It is a great presentation to listen to / watch. I understand that is is only going to be on the website for a short time too. The DVD will then be for sale, which in this case, because it features Tony Attwood, I imagine would be quite pricey. Depression features too highly in adolescents on the Spectrum. An excellent resource for parents, carers, teachers.

  3. I have always beleieved in the positive rather than the negative approach for Boy 1.

    As you read, there was a fair bit of flack for it over the years. But I have to tell you, Boy 1’s case was used by both Attwood and Garnett in conferences as a case study in how to do it right! And that was from many moons back when he was only 8.

    So we must have been doing something right (Michelle was actually the first person on our journey to tell me exactly that – you are doing it right. I think it brought me so very close to tears at the time).

    • Well done you! They sound like the best people to see in Brisbane. Glad to hear he’s doing well, and you all are.

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