Oriental Spa Sydney – A Little Bit Of Bali in Chatswood

Oriental Spa 4-shot 2It’s always given me great pleasure to spread a little love and luck around from this blog. I enjoy some lovely experiences  and it’s great to share them with readers.

Because all of us mums deserve a treat, don’t we?

And a little luxury can go a long way for mums.

Oriental Spa comboThere’s an absolutely divine Balinese-style spa in Chatswood, it’s called Oriental Spa.

Have you ever been there?

It really is a slice of Bali in the middle of our Chatswood city skyscrapers.

Oriental Spa Chatswood-7
The owner of the Oriental Spa is Tiwi, Indonesian by birth, and a passionate advocate of affordable luxury, with the best treatments and products.

Oriental Spa ChatswoodTiwi is keen to let readers know about her own slice of Asian heaven, and to offer a really gorgeous giveaway to readers.  See the bottom of this post.

Oriental Spa Chatswood-16
Now a bit of a personal story here. I think I am the only woman I know who has been to Bali, twice, and never set food in a spa there.

I was just too busy with the kids both times; mine are a bit hands on.

So my first exotic tropical spa experience was right here in Sydney, just a 20 minute drive from home. Lucky me!

Oriental Spa Chatswood-9

I had the loveliest facial, with honey and mud masks plus a relaxing facial. Could have stayed ALL day.

Balinese style is a great favourite, so it was lovely to be back in such a beautiful setting with lots of Balinese furniture, gorgeous wooden doors and that indoors/outdoors bath which is such a hallmark of our northern island neighbour.

There was a giveaway on this post but it has ended now – sorry!

Spa giveaway text

To find out more about Oriental Spa Sydney:

Oriental Spa At Chatswood
The Tropical Spa Experience
67 Archer Street
Chatswood NSW 2067
Tel: 02 9904 6455
[email protected]
Website: click here


Here’s to hardworking mums, and that certainly includes Tiwi!

Hope you’re enjoying your day.

Good luck!


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  1. Does a massage o a kuta beach count? The essence of luxury is quiet uninterrupted me time. This treatment would be the ultimate after a very stressful March :-)

    • Seana Smith says:

      Hi Aleney, massag eon Kuta sounds appealing to me right at this very moment. We must have a chatter, I’d love to pick your brains about a few things blogwise.

  2. Ok, I have to enter this competition. Because I have no idea what a Balinese spa experience is like. Never had one. Never been to Bali either. Was meant to go last year, but a week before we were due to leave hubby dislocated and broke his ankle.
    Time to myself and a massage – that would be the essence of luxury. Especially as I can run to the appointment. Couldn’t get much better than that!

    • Seana Smith says:

      Oh dear, time to rebook that holiday. Yes time and a massage is so enticing, not sure about the run, but it’d surely be good for you!

  3. Lucky you Seana!! I can personally recommend Oriental Spa also…heaven!
    Looks like you had a fabulous time relaxing “away from home” but close to home!
    Lucky winner whoever they may be!

  4. Michelle says:

    Well I have been to Bali twice and not had a spa experience either. The idea of luxury is peace, tranquility, and just dining out while being pampered. The facebook page sounds amazing as it is described as an oasis in chatswood. would love to be spoiled for my 55 the birthday in a few weeks.

    • Seana Smith says:

      I think I need to run a wee tour for people who’ve been to bali but not had a spa… we could all go to Chatswood and have the experience without the flights and jetlag!

  5. I can’t say I have – not even in Bali. But if I can smell jasmine while I float away, I think it would be bliss!

  6. I’ve never been to Bali, but after reading this post, I think I would like to. As for Balinese inspired spa treatments, I seem to remember a joint massage I had with a boyfriend once up in Byron Bay. Divine just doesn’t cover it.

    • Seana Smith says:

      Oh, have never done that, but I noticed Oriental Spa is well set up for couples and groups, it is fun going to a spa with girlfriends. not sure my bloke would like it much…

  7. Hi Seana, I’ve never been to Bali but I would love to go. My idea of the essence of luxury sounds something like the Balinese experience you describe here: tranquility, calm, beauty. Gentle touch, divine fragrances and just a moment to be still xx

    • Seana Smith says:

      Beauty, yes that’s all part of it… and the gorgeous indoor/outdoor bathrooms which seem such a feature of the Balinese style. We Aussie could do with getting into a bit of that… in summer anyway.

  8. karina l says:

    I have yet to experience a balinese inspired spa experience! To me, luxury is going away, far far away from the mother-in-law and enjoying a day spa treatment that lasts for hours!

  9. I know what you mean when you say your kids are too ‘hands-on’ for you to have been able to have many experiences like this! I’ve never been to Bali so haven’t had one of their spa treatments but I have been to Chatswood and like you, this place is just 20 minutes from home. It sure looks like you had a fantastic time. This is a very generous giveaway and a good one! The essence of luxury for me is a guilt-free indulgence xx

    • Seana Smith says:

      We should write a wee song called: ‘I’ve been to Chatswood too.’ I love when you say ‘guilt free’ and I know that that is much easier for me since the wee ones went to school… I take a day a week as my time off and feel fine to do that. Hooray!

  10. It’s all over relaxing, even the layout and style is tranquil! There is no pain, only floating and enjoying!

    • Seana Smith says:

      It was such a treat as seeing the Balinese furniture and layout just made me feel as if I was on holiday.

  11. I have had a type of Balinese-inspired spa experience where my husband bought me a Thai massage from a group buying site for use in Darlinghurst but the place looked like a fire trap with 20 customers in 2 rooms, white sheet partitions, a narrow staircase and unattended candles everywhere so I found it very, very hard to relax!! I also kept thinking of my 4 kids and what they were up to! The essence of luxury for me is to fully RELAX and fully forget what is going on in my world for 1 hour. I liked the Oriental Spa’s Facebook page.

    • Seana Smith says:

      To fully relax is a wonderful treat, and so rare…. I’m sure that’s the case whether we have 2 kids or 4… heaven help those with 6 or 8!

  12. I have also been to Bali and not had the spa experience. Probably because it was 25 years ago and there was not many resorts in those days.
    I would love the quiet time with no questions or lectures about whatever is the favorite Aspie topic
    Just thinking about it makes me feel good

    • Seana Smith says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who didn’t get to a spa in Bali. Oh yes, the joy of a break from discussing obsessions is a treat. In this house it’s heavy metal music and the English premier league – the joys.

  13. Wow this looks like a very relaxing place, I have been given vouchers for spa treatments but just haven’t made time to go – shame on me! x

    • Seana Smith says:

      Oh no! That’s a terrible disaster. I blame your kids, the naughty little beggars…. you’re so at the sharp end there Emily, a physically gruelling time of life. Hope your weekend has been good in amongst it all.

  14. I’ve been lucky to go to Bali twice where I had massages each time. For me luxury is a clean modern looking venue with excellent service and skilled staff. Unfortunately, many of my spa experiences around Sydney have been a disappointment. I would love to win this prize – I live live near by and work in Chatswood and a relaxing experience would help with the stress of planning an overseas wedding!

    • Seana Smith says:

      Hello Cyndie, that’s a shame that you’ve had some disappointing experiences. I can’t believe how fast the year is going, your wedding is zooming up… I bet you have so many things to do with that and must be tricky with time zone changes etc etc

  15. I like the sound of affordable luxury! I’ve never had a Balinese-inspired spa experience but my stiff legs like the sound of that! You look like you had a great time – I’m glad you got you finally got your Balinese spa experience – in Chatswood!

  16. oops I forgot to answer the question – the essence of luxury for me is a bath, a scented candle, fine chocolate, a good book – and a really firm massage (I’m not a fan of soft massages) as well as a good sleep with fresh white linen…preferably overlooking the ocean :-)

  17. Oooh that looks divine. I could do with one of those facial this morning. I’ve never been to Bali before but I think I would love it. I’ll be sharing this one with my readers, thanks Seana xx

  18. HI Seana,
    The Oriental Spa in Chatswood looks divine! I used to treat myself to spas before BC, (before child), I have been in a spa desert for 8 years! I did take my son, aged 5 to Bali a few years ago, and went with my friend Patricia of Dolphinwave, to some temples and festivals. I was worried that it would be a bit much, but C found the experience really interesting, as there were children everywhere. The culture is so rich, it was an amazing experience.
    I did have a very small spa experience at the hotel we stayed in at Sanur, a quick Balinese facial, and half body massage while Patricia looked after C in the nearby swimming pool.
    So I would love to come and have a spa at Chatswood. Much cheaper than going to Bali!

  19. I have never had a Balinese-inspired spa experience – but I’m VERY ready too! ;) The essence of luxury to me is taking time out just for me for a little pampering and me-time so I can be the best me – the best mum – the best wife and best friend I can be. :)

  20. No – but this prize sounds amazing!! I’m a new time mum to a beautiful 4 month old. However, I did take for granted my sleep ins, beauty treats and me time. Express pump, napisan and huggies are in my vocabulary now. I wish I could replace them with Bali, spa, massage, escape – YES PLEASE!

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