Welcome to Bethany – Say G’Day To Our New Au Pair

Well, thank goodness for a spare pair of hands. I’m so grateful. What a difference it is making to the househol to have a fresh young face, and those essential spare pair of au pair hands. 

Bethany moved in just the day before our Intn’l Man of Mystery disappeared off on his latest mission. He’ll be away until about the 17th December, it’s a long haul.

But made shorter by having Bethany around. She is from upstate New York, has lots of experience with younger and older children, and is very cheerful and tolerant.

She needs to be!

au pair in sydney in kitchen

In the kitchen, it is FANTASTIC to have a good helper!

When I get back from school dropoff the dishes are done. Amazing.

Bethany’s the eldest of five children and has nannied and lived in as an au pair in the past. I think for my family of tricky kids, and mum, previous experience is essential.

I’m planning to write a few posts about au pairs; where to find a great au pair, Bethany’s ideas on how families can make au pairs lives’ easier and vice versa, my experiences as the world’s worst au pair when I was 18.

But for now, please welcome Bethany to the household.

And can I assure you that there is nothing more exquisitely embarassing than your children’s first tantrums in front of a new au pair.

We all survived. Bethany’s still here. Whew!

Do you have an au pair?

Have you thought of having one?

Do you need a spare pair of hands around the house?

Read How To Advertise To Find A Great Au Pair here.

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  1. Welcome Bethany !!!!! I never had an au pair BUT I did have a live in maid !!!!!!
    So glad you have an extra pair of hands around the house – with four children and the Man of Mystery, you definitely need some help !
    Have a great weekend !

  2. Fabulous you have someone to help out while your man’s away – doing it alone for so long would be the worst kind of unfun.
    When my Sprocket was one we lived in Vanuatu for a year and wonderful Rose came in every day to help out… Let’s just say I’m desperate to return!
    I was also one of the worlds worst (and briefest) au pairs at 18 – snap!
    Yay for Bethany!

    • We’ll have to swap stories about our own au pair misdemeanours. When you go back to Vanuatu one day, can we come too?

  3. What a great thing this will be for you to have extra help around the house. Awesome! Hope it all goes fantastic.

  4. Welcome to Australia from another NYer!

    I was supposed to be an au pair in Europe but met my hubby and abandoned my plans. Would have loved one when the kids were smaller – now I would love a cleaner – my mission in 2013! Hope Dec 17 comes fast enough for you though ..

    • … the rest is history. Hello, I did au pair in Italy when I was 18 so must tell a few of those stories one day. I wasn’t a natural. Oh dear. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  5. Could always do with a spare pare of hands.

    • Very handy… and someone to manage the rest of the kids whilst one is blowing a gasket, which happened again tonight. Ah….. hope you enjoy the weekend.

  6. Elisa {with grace & eve} says:

    Oh what a blessing to have a helper while your man is away! Wishing you a lovely weekend xx

  7. One word – ENVIOUS! :) xx

  8. Details. I need to know contacts, costs, availability! Quick! I would luuuurrrrve to have an au pair. Having my 5th baby in a few months and my husband and I are now seriously out-numbered! So happy for you, enjoy those extra hands.

  9. happy for her we have kowen her and her family for many years she is a treasure,,

  10. Maryann Bowman says:

    This is Bethany’s mom…when Bethany was young we had a live in nanny who was wonderful. I would have lost my mind without her…4 kids in 7 years and working full-time. Bethany truly loves and enjoys her job. Makes missing her a little better knowing she is doing what she loves. Just keep her really busy so she doesn’t meet anyone that would keep her from coming home. :-)

    • Hello, how lovely to hear from you here. 4 kids in 7 years is a lot!! Bethany is getting on really well, my four children are a handful and a half but nothing phases her. It’s lovely to have her cheerful company. You must miss her a lot. All the best Seana

  11. She looks absolutely lovely, Seana. I’m glad you have both the help and the company. I don’t think I could do the ‘live in’ au pair thing, but man it’s a bit tempting!!! x

    • I always say that it’s nice when hubby is home but he’s not as handy as a real au pair. He doesn’t appreciate it! So glad to have her, we had a distraught wee girl here this morning and I was so grateful that I didn’t have to deal with driving big boys to the bus but could just try to soothe her and get her sorted out.

  12. What is the going rate for an au-pair these days? When I worked as an au-pair in France I got paid about $40 a week!!!!

    • Hah, when I worked in Italy about 30 years ago I’m sure I got $25 a week… and managed to drink and smoke on it. Generally going rate approx $250 but comes and goes and we must do a post on that.

  13. Hi Seana! Happy New Year! Glad to hear that you have someone to help you with the kids! Your au-pair seems lovely and very efficient! Having a au-pair is something I will consider for sure once I have children. I think having a French au-pair will help us raise our children bilingual as at least it wouldn’t be just me speaking to them in French. Just hoping we will have a place big enough (with a spare bedroom).

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