Photos of South Curl Curl Beach and Boardwalk

I wonder whether just possibly I might have taken too many photos of South Curl Curl over the years???

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  1. I say too many photos are never enough! :)

    • LOL I will put some captions on them later. Some take v early in morning so have no people in them. Will pop a map up too later.

  2. Beautiful photos! The art deco style buildings (is it a surf club) really set it off as being so Australian!

    • Hi yes the buildings are art deco there, very Aussie. There’s a changing room by the pool and the surf life saving club at the beach.

  3. There’s no such thing as too many photos! These are great, it looks lovely!

    • Do you manage ever to log all yours?? I might just go and do 30 mins of sorting photos from last year, I’m up to December… using iPhoto… the school holidays are a bit daunting, I took hundereds of photos and they need heaps of sorting etc etc. Off to get into it!!

  4. MMMmmm what I would’nt do to be there right now… gorgeous pic’s!

  5. I don’t think one could ever take too many photos of South Curl Curl, or any other beach for that matter! You’ve just encouraged me to take a walk on the boardwalk. Fingers crossed we get some sun this weekend!

    • Fingers crossed for sunshine!! I will do a detailed post on the cafe there as well one day. The early morning shots were taken when I walked the Sun Run – I love those pix. Why am I at home right now, I could be doing laps there??!!!???

  6. I love South Curl Curl, these photos are stunning. I haven’t been there is a while as I thought it wasn’t very pram friendly but I can see a mum in your pics with a pram have I been missing out for no reason?

    • Hello Julia, I think it’s quite pram-friendly, certainly in that you can get your pram right to the rockpool easily, unlike say Freshwater.

      The boardwalk is mostly flat tho there are some steps towards the end. I’d say it’s not toddler-friendly if you have a runaway-type toddler though. But so, so beautiful!!

  7. We don’t wander over to the northern beaches much. But I think your photos have inspired us to make a special family day trip :)

  8. I doin’t belive you can take too many photos! Especially of your favourite places!

    • But will I ever get them all sorted out. I keep meaning to stop taking photos and sort them instead. Yet to happen!!

  9. Look at those buildings. Got to love photos of the beach. In my house you can never have enough of them

    • Yes the art deco surf life saving club is a real Aussie icon. Love them and also love the Balmoral Beach pavilion.

  10. Denyse Whelan says:

    South Curly is not a favorite surf beach of mine BUT the pool there is where my niece swims competition each a summer (she’s 30!) and it’s where my DD (40) had her first swimming lessons back in the 1970s with the learn to swim campaigns in the Jan school hols.
    My fav reason for liking South Curl Curl though is Stewart House. The place opposite established for school chilldren with hardship in their lives to have a 12 day stay. Totally funded by NSW teachers and students (public schools) with donations in kind and grants from NSW government this is an amazing opportunity for many who’ve never been to Sydney, had a holiday or even been to see the beach. I first went to visit as a student teacher, then in my latter years in education was a principal representative to help raise funds over the years. Love the photos Seana!!!

    • Hello Denyse, yes Stewart Hoyse is right there and does a good job, very beloved by locals. I must take a pic next time I am there.

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