School Holidays In Sydney – Our Top Ten ‘To Do’ List For These Holidays

After our first term with all four children at school, we’ll probably be starting off with a few pyjama days at home.

I could do with at least a dozen of those.  It’s rather daunting to have the Intn’l Man of Mystery away for another four weeks.

But the little kids are very lively. They need to be exercised like puppy dogs.

And the big boys need to be reminded that fresh air is good for them.


We’ll Visit Some New Places

I always have a list of places to go and top of the list is:

Blaxland Riverside Park Map


Blaxland Riverside Park

which I’ve read about here and am desperate to get to.


Armoury Wharf CafeArmoury Wharf Cafe 

Which is right alongside I hear. Lets hope it’s not packed out with other holiday-happy families.


Newport Arms HotelThe Newport Arms

I’ve never eaten here with the family (though I drank a lot of beer here in the 80’s and early 90’s!!)   Why not???


Bondi to Coogee walkBondi to Coogee Walk

I’m sure even the little ones could do that. It’s the teens who’d have to be dragged along. The kids and I are tough so we’ll take our cossies and have a dip at either Bondi, Tamarama, Clovelly, Bronte or Coogee beach with its lovely playground.


 Sydney Favourites We’ll Re-Visit

Sydney Park Cafe

 Sydney Park, Bike Track and Cafe

A splendid spot, and this time I MUST remember to put the bikes in the car!


Holroyd Gardens PlaygroundHolroyd Gardens Playground

This is a great spot on a day that’s not too hot.  There’s the terrific area for young kids, plus the truly challenging equipment for older children and teens.

We’ll have to have a brekkie by the beach one day too, somewhere close to home.  Actually, make that a couple of brekkies, there are such great cafes to visit.

The Deck at Collaroy

I just love this cafe. For some reason I always have the nicest time when I’m here and also just whenever we visit Collaroy beach.  I hereby pledge to swim in the glorious rockpool rain or shine.


Lifesaver Cafe NarrabeenLifesaver Cafe at Narrabeen

We could take photos and text them to our International Man of Mystery in deepest, darkest Kurdistan, just in case he isn’t missing his favourite cafe enough.  And his fave family!


Olympic Park Aquatic Centre

 Olympic Park Aquatic Centre

A visit here is a bit of a regular holiday outing for us. It’s a good place to meet friends too, for a BIG day out. For me this pool works well as the older boys are happy to go, they love the slide and the rapids and the little two love it too.

Lollipops Playland

Lollipops Playland, Campelltown, Castle Hill, Frenchs Forest, Penrith or Wetheril Park

We’ll go to any of these spots, or even all of them. My little twins are desperate to have their 6th birthday party at a Lollipops so maybe we’d better scope some out.

There’ll be no chance of getting the teens to darken a Lollipops doorstep. But they had their day in play centres, oh yes, they did.


We’ll have a few days down at lovely Jervis Bay too. How lucky are we?

Not very if you ask the teens, who prefer to stay near pals and screens.

Anyway, happy Easter and happy holidays to you and your families!

Where will you be visiting? 

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  • Reply April 5, 2012


    Some of those suggestions sound great!
    Just wanted to let you know that there is a typo on the Lollipops summary – Campbelltown has been misspelt :)
    Enjoy the lazy day tomorrow!!

    • Reply April 5, 2012


      Thanks so much Sarah, always appreciate another pair of eyes. Hope you enjoy a happy Easter break.

  • Reply April 5, 2012


    Love your work, Seana! Blaxland looks good – fancy a meet up in week 2?? x

    • Reply April 8, 2012


      Hello Mrs Maxabella, I think we’ll be crossing paths, you coming north as I head south for week 2 of the holidays. But will be back for the last weekend of hols, so free then. Any good??

  • Reply April 6, 2012

    Morag Smith

    Heh Soshi, we’ll be visiting the very lovely East Lothian and Edinburgh. Hopefully back to the good weather. Hard to believe that we were all sunbathing last week at the beach and this week its snowed!!! MAD. xx

    • Reply April 8, 2012


      Oh Mo, how I’d love to be popping into Mum’s to see you and the kids today… with choccie eggs for all. Hope it has stopped snowing. Give boys a smooch from us.

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