Self-Care Saturday 2: Candles and Flowers For Me {From Me}

Sadly, none of these lovely things are gifted to me as love tokens by my husband.

Romance may not be dead in our relationship, but it’s certainly in a deep coma.

Which is fine, got to be practical.

We did go out for a farewell Thai on Tuesday, before my Intn’l Man of Mystery flew out for his four weeks in Kurdistan on Wednesday. He does bring chocolates when he comes back but we’re certainly not in a flowers and candles situation.

Luckily for me, a flower shop opened down the road last year. Nowadays, there’s usually a little bunch of flowers on the kitchen bench.

Also in 2012 scented candles came into the household in a big way. Most days I have a candle burning in the kitchen. It’s a simple way of having something lovely around.

Beauty. It’s good to have it around us.  Better even when we pay attention to it.  A $10 bunch of flowers can do a lot for a mum at home, brighten up the workplace.

The soft light of a candle can knock the edges of a rough moment. So can the scent.


How did you look after yourself this week?

Please do share in the comments.

Take care,

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  1. I whole heartedly concur with the flower and candle sentiments and if they are not being bought then buy them. My favourite thing is to be able to pick them from my own garden something I am going to work on this year. X

    • Hi Mairi, I am having a few ups and downs with vegetables here. Maybe try flowers this year?!! Good luck with yours.

  2. Hi Seana,

    Suddenly noticed your feed has changed hence haven’t seen your updates.

    Sending big hugs from Noosa. Only two more weeks of school hols? Hang in there…

    • Hello! I think Feedburner stopped working?? Rich changed it to a new one.

      Two and a bit weeks and then I will be so glad of some solitude.

  3. Hello Seana, I love this idea too. I make efforts for self care & time out but I also need to ‘make’ my home environment one which comforts and soothes me as I, sadly, watch while I cannot stop the march of time for my poor hub….. IntManofMystery def picks a good time for travel…like many I am sure to take off during the last 2 weeks of school hols would be a dream come true…ha! I know this is a ‘have to’ love Denyse

    • Someone once said to me that the more difficulties you have in life, the more self care things you need to do. Often impractical! But true.

      Take it easy Denyse.

  4. At first i coukdnt think of anything. but then remembered thsr I’m doing dry January at the moment, how’s that for looking after myself?

  5. I usually find the best gifts I get are the ones i give myself. To cheer myself up this wekend, I wrote a funny post about motherhood which is unusual for me but I can’t stop laughing.

  6. What a fabulous thing to do for yourself. When I was single I would always buy myself flowers from the market – just because. I’ve gotten out of the habit now, citing family budget pressures. But the truth is that a bunch of flowers from the market costs no more than 2 cups of takeaway coffee and even though I don’t indulge in them so often these days, I would do it without even thinking about it. You’ve inspired me to start doing it again. Perhaps not every week but at least once a month.
    The other week I packed the man and child off to family for the weekend so I could have a solo mummy-break at home. 2 nights alone to do whatever I wanted, when I wanted. It was bliss!

    • Thanks Di, I reckon being home alone is the greatest treat and relax of all. I say this on about week 6 or 7 of kids all being here on school holidays. My school days are such treats when I get to just potter at home.

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