Self Care Saturday 6: I Can’t Believe I’ve Bloody Well Done It Again!!

jellyfish taken at ManlyJeezus, I am laughing at myself.

But so bloody knackered that I could shed a tear too.

It’s so bloomin’ typical of me.

Look after myself, do lovely things… but do TOO MANY OF THEM.

Packing too much in, doing too much, taking on too much…… is so very much part of my make up, and it’s what trips me up constantly.

And I did it this week even with all the good stuff:

- A wee shopping trip

- A breakfast out, and a lunch, and two dinners

- coffees with friends and possible work peoples

- a swim with the Bold and the Beautiful on Friday (that’s where the jellyfish piccy came from)

- two weights sessions and daily five km walk/jog on the running machine

- taking Bethany au pair to airport and lovely German guest out to Coogee so early this morning

- plus the usual kids, food, house, clothes, reading groups, blogs etc etc etc

Bloody, bloody hell. Will I ever  @!’kin’ learn??!!!


Great news pants though, it's not all doom and gloom.

Great new pants though

I need to remember than doing less and doing it slowly is probably the best thing I could ever do. Always.

I’m sure Kelly Exeter would understand. I’ve been reading her book and very much relating – but without the triathlons!!

Anyway, it’s all STOP tomorrow. And I am going to cancel a couple of social dates next week and just slow bloody down.

Hubby gets home tonight, he’s a good slowing influence.


Do you ever go over the top even with the good stuff?

Does swearing and cursing at yourself help at all?

Take it easy – hah!



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  1. So am I being dumped? I have a job starting the week after!
    You must be pretty damn fit these days, but your schedule does sound exhausting. x

  2. Oh my gosh , I COULD NOT have put this better myself! Why do we do it to ourselves! You’ve inspired me to slow down! It sounds crazy but something good has got to go!!!

    • Hi Robyn, there are so many cool things to do in this lovely part of the world, but must remember to stop trying to do them all at once.

  3. Ha haa Seana I am killing myself laughing. I have so done this.

    But you’ve caught yourself and YES to cancelling a few social dates next week!!

    • Hi Robyn, there are so many cool things to do in this lovely part of the world, but must remember to stop trying to do them all at once.

  4. Learning to say no is a great skill. Us…….. Apart from drinks on Friday night we’ve done nothing and it has been lovely this weekend.

  5. It does sound a wee bit over-active. Don’t forget to diarise time spent blobbing out with a book/magazine. That’s still one of my fave activities.

    • Aha, I could even do that when the kids are at school.. which I never, ever do… always have a pile of books to read but tend to do it at night when I could during the day. Basically, I’m a dope.

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