Newcastle’s Best Playground- Speers Point, Lake Macquarie


Hooray!  I took the twins to Speers Point playground and we had a fabby time!

It really is a magnificent play space.  It’s just huge with all sorts of great play equipment.

And a cafe has just opened up.  It’s called Sal’s and the number is 49081108.

Heaven!Cafe at Speers Point Speers entrance

We took lots of photos and I’ve put them together into a short but sweet video.

The best ideas for places to visit come from other parents, don’t you reckon?  I heard about Speers Park playground from a comment on this blog.

I was totally delighted to find this lovely comment from Shane on my Putney Park Playground post.

“Just wanted to share NSW’s best park (well, in my opinion anyway). Newcastle has one that puts all Sydney parks to shame.

I went there last week and was blown away by the amount of things for kids to play in/on/around.

The park is at Speers Point on Lake Macquarie and last weekend had easily over 1000 kids playing at it when we were there.

It’s FREE, suits kids of all ages from 1 year olds to teens, and for the older kids has a 9m high slide!’

Here’s what the Lake Macquarie City Council website has to say:

‘The Lake Macquarie Variety Playground (LMVP) located in Speers Point Park on the northern shores of Lake Macquarie, NSW, is designed to cater for the needs of children of all ages and all abilities, to ensure that everyone can play and interact together.’

Have a look at the website here. There are heaps of photographs and all the information you need to know is there.

Nice website Lake Macquarie City Council, lovely playground too!

The happychild website has a good review of this playground by Carol Duncan, read it here.

The playground has its own Facebook page (wow!) here.

So, I feel like packing the kids in the car right now and driving the kids straight up there! It’s well worth a look if you’re up that way!

Have you been to this excellent playground?  

Do you think there could be any better in NSW?

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  1. We live near Speers Point and my kids LOVE this playground. The road skills bike tracks is a favourite as well as the slide and flying fox. Great fun for kids of all ages and lots of nice park area for the adults to relax while the kids are having fun.

    • Hi Susan, am hoping to visit the Hunter Valley sooner or later so maybe we could pop in on the way. I think my teen would love this too, he’s still good for a play and this one looks wild.

      • And that’s just what happened… we did meet up with Susan whilst we were there.

        The cool things that come from comments!

  2. This looks fabulous – it is such a shame that it is so far away. We have one really good park near us with a Flying fox and water for them to swim in, but those slides!!!! woooo my kids would love that! :) xx

  3. This looks awesome! I wonder though if the metal would get very hot in summer? All our playgrounds in Darwin are plastic for that reason.

    Thanks for linking!

  4. Looks like a fun park for everyone. My brother lived in Newcastle for a while. Might have to send him back so we can visit this park!

    • Great place to tuck away in a corner of your mind in case you’re passing Newcastle and need a place to exercise the children in the midst of a long journey. That worked well for us.

  5. That looks like so much fun! The girls would love it. Our house backs on to a park that was slated to be huge when first proposed, but the novelty soon wore off and already there’s been so much vandalism.

    If ever there’s a revamp, I’ll be dropping big hints to our council ;)

  6. It is a great park, we paddle across the Lake in Kayaks from Belmont, then let them go at it.

    And the bar/cafe is close by……

  7. I hear the park cafe is popular but nowhere can I find the name or contact information for it. H E L P!!

    • Hi there, am out and about with kids but have a thought which is that you call the council to ask. They perhaps awarded the concession?? Would love to get the number on this post.

      • Pauline found the answer: Its called Sal’s (salvation army reference) and the number is 49081108.

        Will put that in the post.

        Thanks Pauline!

  8. Michelle says:

    I am taking my son to that park today and was hoping to have his birthday there hope the sunny days sticks around for his birthday I have a son who will be 5 in a couple of more weeks I’m looking forward to the new park

  9. We live close by to that park the kids love it. My 3 and 5 yr old love the big slide last time we went we couldn’t get them off it.

  10. Our grandkids absolutely loved their afternoon at this park. Cannot say enough good things about the entire production of the people who have put so much into making this park a reality. Of making it safe, and of making it accessible to all. And – for being adventurous enough to make it exciting – nearly as good as climbing a tree, like we used to do!

    • I quite agree with the grandkids and you’ve put this really well. It’s an exciting place even for the much older kids. And their parents and grandparents. Thanks so much for your feedback, others will enjoy it too.

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