Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park – Sydney’s Best Animal Parks (updated)

Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park Sydney

Fancy meeting a bilby? Coming nose to nose with a tawny frogmouth? Saying hello to a koala and a kangaroo?

How about a little escape from Sydney and a visit to the delightful Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park, just a short drive north.

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The Elephant Safari Park Bali – A Family Photo Review

I’m inking up for Wordless Wednesdays with My Little Drummer Boys, sharing some photos from a day trip we did in Bali, to the glorious Elephant Safari Park near Ubud.  It was marvellous, you read all about the park here.

Trying to be wordless so all I will say is I love the hairy heads of baby elephants!!!

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Sydney Aquarium, Darling Harbour – Sydney’s Best Animal Encounters

Why do we love Sydney Aquarium so much?

Is it because my children have always had a really thrilling time there?

Is it because I did a lot of scuba diving before the children came along and the Aquarium give me a chance to get down (almost) underwater?

Is it because all humans have a fascination for sharks and a soft spot for dugongs?

Who knows?  But who needs one reason anyway?

For us the Aquarium has always been well worth the pretty steep entry price as a holiday treat for children and the parents too.

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