Twins and Autism Spectrum Disorder – When One Twin Is Affected


Here's the second post about autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and twins, following on from the interview with a mum whose identical twins both have ASD.  Here are words of wisdom from two mums who … [Read more...]

Light It Up Blue – Sydney Opera House Lit Blue


Well, Sydney Opera House looked bloody marvellous last night.  Maybe it should stay blue all year! Autism Awareness crowdfunded the $40,000 needed to light the Opera House a real, vibrant blue, and … [Read more...]

Optimism in Aspergers and ASD – Video

Aspergers Services

Autism and Aspergers mums and dads, if you have a minute very soon, do go to the website of Aspergers Services Australia, and have a look at the video Optimism - A Positive Attitude to Yourself and … [Read more...]

Podcast – fascinating listening for ASD families


I am a great lover of radio, mainly because I can listen to really interesting things as I do housework.  After mastering iTunes and iPod, I now catch up on a whole range of programmes whilst washing … [Read more...]

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