Little Manly Beach Kiosk – Sydney’s Best Beachside Cafes For Kids {Updated}

Little Manly Beach cafe kiosk A safe harbour beach, a netted pool with fantastic places to climb and leap joyfully into the water. A kiosk and cafe with fantastic views. You’d seriously have to be bonkers not to get straight down there with the kids.

Little Manly Beach is a beaut spot in itself, but having the cafe there too really makes it a family mecca, and it’s as good on sunny winter days as it is in the ice block melting scorching days of summer.

There’s something there for all ages of kids. My daughter loves the rock pools with their crabs and anemones. Rusty Rocket loves leaping off the shark net walkway.  Dexbox wore goggles and chased fish for ages.  Giant Teen loves jumping too, showing off for the pretty girls I suspect.

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Freshwater Beach, Sydney – Sydney’s Best Beaches For Kids (Updated)

Freshwater beach sydney kids families

G’day and welcome to one of my family’s very favourite local beaches here in Sydney.

We have twin friends who live near to Freshie and there’s nothing better than a multi twin trip down here to swim and play.

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How To Treat Bluebottle Stings – Sydney’s Most Annoying Sea Creatures!

Blue bottle text

Yes, these stings were as painful as they look.

Ouchy ouch!

Bluebottles are commonly found on Sydney beaches, and indeed, around all of Australia.

The official name for these marine maniacs is physalia. But I much prefer the name I learned as a child Portuguese man o’ war.

bluebottle stings on legs Sydney

These jellyfish aren’t found in Scotland but we grew up with dreadful images of them, and the sure knowledge that, if you were ever stung, you were a goner.

Not true at all!

Luckily for me, most bluebottle stings are not too serious, though they can be very painful. (But there are rare exceptions – see below.)

bluebottle stings on thigh Sydney

bluebottles sign on beach

You’ll see this sign up at Sydney beaches when there are bluebottles around. Thanks Carolyn from Desire Empire for this lovely photo.

These nasty stings that I got last summer were ENTIRELY my own fault. I saw lots of bluebottles washed up on the beach, so I knew that If I swam I’d be asking for a sting.  But I just couldn’t resist the lure of an ocean swim.

These stings really were sore at the time, but I just showered and then they weren’t too bed and didn’t itch TOO much. Most bluebottle stings will be in long welts like mine, caused by the trailing long tentacles.

Treating Bluebottle Stings

Modern treatments for bluebottle stings around our Sydney beaches do not involve papaya, vinegar or urine.

Rinse the stung area with seawater, it’s fine to pick tentacles off with the fingers.

Rinse with warm to comfortably hot water, or soak if that’s possible.

If the person stung is a child, or has asthma or allergies it may be adviasable to visit a doctor as rare cases of severe breathing difficulties have occurred.

If any swelling occurs around stings to the face or throat, call an ambulance immediately.

Have you survived a sting from one of these savage jellyfish?

Can you share a top tip?

Happy swimmingSignature

I’ve also been bitten by leeches and stung by sea lice, see those posts for tips on prevention and what to do if not prevented.

What’s next, I wonder…. err…..








Redleaf Pool, Now Known As Murray Rose Pool, Double Bay

Redleaf Pool, you are so gorgeous.

If we lived within walking distance of Murray Rose Pool (as Redleaf Pool has been renamed), we’d come here ALL the time.

But since we have to drive over, it’s a bit of a hassle to get to this lovely and family-friendly harbour pool. The parking is very tricky.

if we ever have a boat, we’ll sail over there tho’ as it’s such a lovely spot.

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Swimming Laps Outdoors in Sydney – My Very Favourite Places

So, this is the summer of sea swimming for me. It’s been decided.

I don’t quite know why but the notion has fixed itself firmly in my noddle.

I’ve enjoyed swimming all my life and would always have said – yes, even as a child in Bonnie, Chilly Scotland – that I loved sea swimming.

And Sydney excels. EXCELS, I tell you, when it comes to swimming laps outside.

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Sydney Photo Friday – The Bold and The Beautiful + Me

Ah, Manly Beach, you always make me feel so free.

I wasn’t able to get to Manly early enough to join The Bold and The Beautiful swimmers, but I did catch a photo as dozens of them came ashore at the end of their swim.

One day I will get there and join in.

Have you heard about these daily 7am sea swimmers?

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Sydney Photo Friday – Dee Why Beach Rock Pools

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Clifton Gardens Beach and Baths, Mosman – Sydney’s Best Beaches for Kids

Well, it’s not great weather for a beach post this week but here’s one anyway.

Because of course, Clifton Gardens has the lovely playground,plus a kiosk, so it’s a terrific destination at any time of the year.

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Collaroy Beach – For Kids and Their Families

Collaroy is a splendid spot for families, one of the really great places on the Northern Beaches.

It’s the combo of family-friendliness that makes it special; the winning trifecta of beach, rockpool and good playground.

And lets not forget the kid-friendly cafes close by.

There are heaps more lovely photos of the beach here.  All these photos were taken on an early autumn morning when very few families were around. Never mind!

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Sydney’s Best Beaches for Kids – South Curl Curl

South Curly has a special wee place in my heart. My big boys used to do Nippers there every Sunday when they were little.

Nippers is such a great way to force yourself up and out of the house on a Sunday morning, and down to the briny ocean. [Read more...]

Hidden Gems- My Top Five Secret Beaches of Sydney

When I was a wee girl growing up in Bonnie Scotland, beaches were all about seaweed and stones.

There are sandy beaches in Scotland, but we spent most of our time at the more typically Scottish sort. And we four kids loved them!

We went to many, many beaches. Dad loved his boat and we spent our summer holidays sailing around the Hebridean islands. We scrambled over boulders, climbed cliffs, and loved to turn over rocks to chase the wee beasties that leapt about like fleas.

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Sydney’s Best Beaches for Kids – Whale Beach

Just south of the millionaires’ playground of Palm Beach, around the lofty cliffs is Whale Beach.

It’s a much smaller beach, nestled between two striking cliff faces and it has the most spectacular rose gold sand.

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Sydney’s Best Beaches for Kids- Shelly Beach, Cronulla

Just around the corner and along the walking track from the main beach at Cronulla, this is a sweet little sandy beach with an ocean pool. It is much quieter and more intimate that its huge surf beach brother.

There’s a very beautiful art deco pavilion which has showers and toilets, including, on the top floor some toilets with the best ocean views in the city!

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Sydney’s Best Ocean Pools – MacCallum Pool, Cremorne Point

Hop on the ferry at Circular Quay, get off at Cremorne Point and then amble along the walkway to this hidden gem on the waters of the harbour.

The views over Sydney Harbour are absolutely gorgeous. The huge trees by the pool are glorious to too. The water is refreshing, the ferries glide by, yachts bob.

Any complaints?  I don’t think so.

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More Dangerous But Fun- Jumping off Moona Moona Creek Bridge

So this summer we’ve all been at it, leaping with gay abandon off this bridge into the creek below.

Is anything more fun in this entire universe?

Bridge jumping is an activity which has stood the test of time.

Even Rusty Rocket, aged all of five was flinging himself off good style.

With my wee waterproof camera in hand, I filmed people jumping and then took myself and the camera for a jump off the bridge.  Here are the results, Just A Minute Movies strikes again.  

Next year we might even try the spectacular backflips you see about 40 seconds in.

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Manly Waterworks Review

OMG we just had the best day yesterday down at Manly Waterworks.

This is an annual trip for us, and it’s a point in time where the changes in the kids are so clear.

Last year the twins were tall enough (almost!) to slide but not brave enough to go by themselves.  I was sliding with them.

This year they slid joyfully without me… for hours.  We took the wee boys next door and friends of the big boys joined us.  So all four of the children were galloping up and sliding down with friends as well as each other.

And I sat on my bottom down below.  Got a takeaway coffee, bought ice blocks, doled out sunscreen, water and food.

It was sublime.

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Sydney School Holidays Day 28/47- Long Reef Beach

This is such a cool idea, a weatherproof book showing lots of sea creatures.

It’s at Long Reef beach, see map below.  Long Reef Aquatic Reserve is here, one of only 12 aquatic reserves around NSW.

You can read all about Long Reef Aquatic Reserve here.  The rules and regulations for reserves are clearly stated here.

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Jervis Bay Family Fun- Boat Trip Around the Bay

As a briny old seadog from way back, I’m always over the moon to be out at sea.

The Intn’l Man of Mystery, however, gets shockingly seasick.  So the day he and Teen14 went to Sydney to see the cricket was the obvious one for myself and the three youngsters to get nautical.

We’ve done a couple of dolphin boat trips on Jervis Bay before, so this time I booked us onto a smaller, faster boat which would take us around the whole Bay in just a couple of hours.

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Our Family’s First Trip To Jervis Bay – Family Holiday Nostalgia!

I’ve come over all nostalgic and it’s not like me.

These photos from eight  years ago and have made me all warm and gooey.

2003 was a huge year for us. EldestBoy had done his first year at school, there was lots to celebrate there.

The biggest gift had been that he made friend – a FRIEND!! 

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Underwater Movie Magic – We Hope

Here’s a little vlog expressing my delight at a self-purchased (and in a good cause too), early Christmas pressie.