Sydney’s Best Water Slides – For Kids and Their Families (Updated)

Ryde Aquatic Centre water slide

All of my wild children love a speedy water slide. And in fact, I don't mind one myself. We're excited then that WetnWild opens here in Sydney tomorrow.  The website has all the info on more than … [Read more...]

Tree Top Adventure Park in Western Sydney

gearing up

 It's not fair! I want a turn! For once it was me whinging rather than the twins. They loved their morning on the three children's courses at Tree Tops Adventure Park at Plough and Harrow Park in … [Read more...]

North Sydney Pool – Sydney’s Most Family-Friendly Swimming Pools


Oh, I do love North Sydney Pool, and my love has been true for almost 25 years. I used to live at Milson's Point and would have a swim here in the mornings before dashing up to work on The Midday … [Read more...]

The Best Kids Bike Tracks In Sydney

Dexter at biketrack

I love a great idea for a post from a reader.  Hello Ramona! Ramona emailed to ask if I could recommend any good bike tracks for young children.  Yes! This list is more or less off the top of my … [Read more...]

Swimming Laps Outdoors in Sydney – My Very Favourite Places


So, this is the summer of sea swimming for me. It's been decided. I don't quite know why but the notion has fixed itself firmly in my noddle. I've enjoyed swimming all my life and would always … [Read more...]

Taronga Park Zoo in Sydney, Australia – Visiting with Young Children

Zoo Dad lion

A must see! Whether you're a visitor to Sydney or you've lived here all your life, a visit to the Zoo is always a good day out. … [Read more...]

Top Five Things To Do In Sydney – With Kids

Lion at Taronga Zoo, Sydney

  I was set a blog challenge by the lovely Katrina Whelan, Melbourne-based Babyology writer, Seamsaway proprietrix and, in her spare time, mother of four.   She tweeted: … [Read more...]

Hidden Gems- My Top Five Secret Beaches of Sydney


When I was a wee girl growing up in Bonnie Scotland, beaches were all about seaweed and stones. There are sandy beaches in Scotland, but we spent most of our time at the more typically Scottish … [Read more...]

Sydney’s Best Cafes Beside Playgrounds

cup of coffee

Mums and dads, you NEED to know this information! Is there anything better than a takeaway coffee in the playground? Yes, actually there is. Drinking a coffee in a cafe, with your bottom … [Read more...]

Sydney’s Best Playgrounds – Putney Park Playground

Putney Park 2

Marvellous place!  A water play playground, fine for a very sunny winter's day and just sublime in summer. My family has been having fun at Putney Park for over a decade.....mostly nude! The … [Read more...]

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