Whales and Dolphins Videos- Jervis Bay

My children have been asking to see the little bit of video we shot of the dolphins who came to say g’day when we were on our fast boat trip around Jervis Bay.

And now they’ve got themselves off to school, I’ve managed to find it and load it onto Youtube.

This isn’t the best bit of footage we’ve ever shot.  The day was very grey and dull… but not to worry.  It’s always a great joy to see a dolphin in the wild, isn’t it?  And there’s much lovelier footage following below.

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Jervis Bay Family Fun- Boat Trip Around the Bay

As a briny old seadog from way back, I’m always over the moon to be out at sea.

The Intn’l Man of Mystery, however, gets shockingly seasick.  So the day he and Teen14 went to Sydney to see the cricket was the obvious one for myself and the three youngsters to get nautical.

We’ve done a couple of dolphin boat trips on Jervis Bay before, so this time I booked us onto a smaller, faster boat which would take us around the whole Bay in just a couple of hours.

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Welcome New Readers!!

Hello there to all the new visitors who are finding this blog via Google search.

 It must be the public holidays, with lots of families looking for fun places to go and checking facts on great playgrounds, pools, beaches, cinemas etc etc

Anyway, it’s lovely to see a great leap in visits to the blog.

We’re just off on a trip around Jervis Bay by fast boat.  Will post some photos of that, better remember the waterproof camera!

Welcome to this blog, hope you find useful things to read and watch!

Seana and the kids xxxx