Little Manly Beach Kiosk – Sydney’s Best Beachside Cafes For Kids {Updated}

Little Manly Beach cafe kiosk A safe harbour beach, a netted pool with fantastic places to climb and leap joyfully into the water. A kiosk and cafe with fantastic views. You’d seriously have to be bonkers not to get straight down there with the kids.

Little Manly Beach is a beaut spot in itself, but having the cafe there too really makes it a family mecca, and it’s as good on sunny winter days as it is in the ice block melting scorching days of summer.

There’s something there for all ages of kids. My daughter loves the rock pools with their crabs and anemones. Rusty Rocket loves leaping off the shark net walkway.  Dexbox wore goggles and chased fish for ages.  Giant Teen loves jumping too, showing off for the pretty girls I suspect.

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The Balmoral Boathouse Cafe: Sydney’s Most Child-Friendly Cafes {Updated}

Balmoral Boatshed-4

Quick, quick, hurry up. If we pack up now we can be there in 30 minutes!

This cafe is in a lovely location, right by the beautiful Baths. There are scrumptious views over the beach and the harbour, I love watching all the bobbing boats.

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Sydney’s Best Cafes for Kids- Echo On The Marina Cafe

Now here’s a wonderful spot which I’d have loved to have taken my children to when they were little, but never dared.

Mine are a bit wild. They’d have been splashing off the end of the marina in minutes.

They just never did suit this tranquil, spectacularly scenic slice of Middle Harbour heaven.

Luckily, I have visited alone, and they’d be fine now. Chalk it up on the Easter holidays list.

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Sydney’s Best Beaches for Kids – South Curl Curl

South Curly has a special wee place in my heart. My big boys used to do Nippers there every Sunday when they were little.

Nippers is such a great way to force yourself up and out of the house on a Sunday morning, and down to the briny ocean. [Read more...]