Grateful for Boys, Blogs, Bali… and Booze!


Tonight I am feeling very grateful... most acutely right at the minute, I'm so grateful that it's Friday night and that the week is over. A wee glass of wine and some big boys watching 'The Blues … [Read more...]

Off To Darwin for an Autism Info Day

Autism Info day

Just a quick hello and goodbye from me today.  I am flying up to Darwin with a group from the charity Autism Awareness to speak at tomorrow's Autism Info Day. Aussie Helpers Children's Fund has … [Read more...]

The Death of My Dad – Grateful for Peace + Acceptance


On my father's gravestone, the inscription begins: 'With love we remember David McDonald Smith Builder, musician and sailor.' Dad passed away two years ago this week so I have been … [Read more...]

Grateful for Sheer Good Luck


You can get into a real philosophical discussion about it... are people lucky or do you make your own luck? Hmmmm...... Like most things in life, I reckon that there's little black and white in … [Read more...]

The Old Trolls – My Real Mothers’ Group


Mothers’ Groups are an Australian institution, but one that can cause mixed feelings amongst those of us whose children turn out not to fit the 'norm.' I’m going out to see the Old Trolls tonight, … [Read more...]

Jervis Bay Family Fun – Five Kid-Friendly Favourites

88 festooned2.JPG

This post has been updated to Our Favourite Things To Do In Jervis Bay With Kids, click here... there are 21 things there... and counting!! Here are the fave five things from 2011..... Oh, I … [Read more...]

Grateful To Have Lived in Pakistan

beggar cripple

How lucky are we all to live in Australia?  This post was inspired by watching the SBS series 'Go Back To Where You Came From.' I'm very sympathetic to people who want to come to Australia for a … [Read more...]

Grateful My Husband is Here Not There

Yemen map

Of course, when one's husband is an International Man of Mystery, it goes with the territory that he travels. But travelling for work can get out of hand. Take 2010 and 2011 when he did a rotation … [Read more...]

Just popped over to Sophia’s

sophia website

Have you visited Sophia Whitfield's blog yet? Sophia is a publisher of children's picture books and mother of five. If you are interested in children's literature or publishing it's well worth … [Read more...]

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