Fresh Food Markets in Sydney – How To Find Your Local Market


Sydney has many, many markets and most are very family friendly. Find details on where to find them below. Here's a wee visual tribute to my local market to give you a flavour of what you can find … [Read more...]

Healthy Mum- Personal Training For Beginners Part 1

Vision text

Here's the inside scoop on my recent bout of personal training, all thanks to my very lucky raffle win and the fit and fab people at my local Vision PT. I'm on a nine week program there and they've … [Read more...]

Healthy Mum – Free Your Mind And….

Plate of veggies food

'Free your mind and your body will follow.' I've read that phrase so many times in regards to being healthy and losing weight. So, the other day, I freed my mind and ate a huge plate of … [Read more...]

Grateful for Sheer Good Luck


You can get into a real philosophical discussion about it... are people lucky or do you make your own luck? Hmmmm...... Like most things in life, I reckon that there's little black and white in … [Read more...]

Healthy Mum – It’s All About Timing

gym equipment WS

Now when I say it's all about timing, I don't mean breaking the 4 minute mile.  I'm talking about the time that you go to the gym. I'm a WAHM/SAHM and so my time is my own I have some flexibility … [Read more...]

Good Enough Mum – Crust Conundrums

Now how many calories are in this little pile of crusts do you think?

Is it only me?? Does anyone else make a moral dilemma out of the question of whether to cut the crusts off the kids' sandwiches? I think I need help and advice! You see, my kids love the crusts … [Read more...]

Grateful and Gobsmacked – Couch-to-5K


Nobody could be more surprised than I am. Until ten weeks ago, running for 30 minutes was so far out of reach as to be astral. Couch-to-5k has been the answer for me, as it has been for many many … [Read more...]

Top 5 Podcasts For Mums On The Run

chris evans

Oh thank goodness for podcasts; nothing would get done round the house without them. Nor at the gym.  And the delightful drive down to the South Coast would be far less edifying. All we mums on the … [Read more...]

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