The Twins Review – Harrigans Irish Pub + Acomodation

Oh happy days! I do just love getting away from home.  Love leaving and then adore getting back.

As a single young slapper I zoomed all over the place, most exotic perhaps was the scuba diving off Zanzibar.  Since I had the kids, I’ve found that a trip across town can be equally challenging.

These days, I’m starting to almost enjoy getting away with the kids in tow.  It’s becoming less sheer ardure and more of an adventure.  About time!

Here’s a photo and video mini-review of Harrigan’s Irish Pub and Accomodation.

This is where the twins and I stayed for the night when we went to see the Christmas Lights Spectacular at the Hunter Valley Gardens.

Here’s a twin-tastic minute of video, where their expert opinion is revealed.

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