Christmas Lights Spectacular at Hunter Valley Gardens – 2012 Photos

Equally as spectacular in 2012 as they were in 2011!

My twins insisted on going back to see the lovely Christmas Lights at Hunter Valley Gardens and I was very happy to take them.

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On The Road With A Jucy Campervan + The Kids

In search of a bit of pre-Christmas simplicity and to escape the maddening shopping crowds, we’re on a wee road trip.

And I see I’m not alone in that search for a bit of slowness at the moment. I read Mrs Woog’s and Sonia’s at Love, Life and Hiccups’s posts on simplicity yesterday and could so relate.

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Hunter Valley Gardens Christmas Lights Spectacular Video

Now lets get this straight, I’m not saying the video is spectacular….

I mean, it’s ok, but it’s the Christmas Lights that are spectacular.

Here’s a wee peek at what we saw at Hunter Valley Gardens and the twins’ not very thoughtful review of what they enjoyed.

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The British Lolly Shop at the Hunter Valley Gardens – Yum!

Here’s a visual feast for anyone who grew up in the UK.

In Scotland we called them ‘sweetie shops,’ and our grannies bought sweeties from them for us. My granny always had a supply of treacle toffees for all occasions.  I had missed those treacle toffees for many years!

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Weekends Away – Hunter Valley Gardens Christmas Lights Spectacular

The twins and I went to check out the first night of this year’s Christmas Lights Spectacular at the Hunter Valley Gardens last week—  and yes, it really is spectacular!

We have some pretty exciting lit-up streets near here, and we’re not averse to a few strings of fairy lights ourselves.

But a million lights… now that was something very special.

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