Pemberley Grange, Broke – Hunter Valley Accommodation For Lovers Of The Countryside

Pemberley Grange Broke Hunter Valley

I cannot tell a lie, the highlight of my stay at Pemberley Grange was meeting these three little guys.
They’re miniature donkeys, and yes they are young but fully grown at this cute size.


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Four Lovely Wineries in Broke Fordwich in The Upper Hunter Valley – A Beginners’ Guide

 Broke Regional Images Hunter Valley

We all love our children, but isn’t it sometimes

 refreshing to have an adults-only break?

The Hunter Valley is a perfect easy getaway for Sydney mums and dads.

I was a bit of a vineyard virgin before my recent trip to the Broke area of the Hunter Valley.

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Broke Fordwich Wine Country In The Upper Hunter Valley- Seven Tips For Planning A Trip

Broke Regional Images Hunter Valley It’s rural and rustic, simpler and slower, authentic and highly appealing to Sydneysiders and others looking for a country escape from the city.

Broke Regional Images Hunter Valley

Broke Fordwich in the Upper Hunter Valley is a very special area, one of the first settled by colonists yet not at all over developed today.

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BIG4 Valley Vineyard Tourist Park in NSW’s Hunter Valley – Our Family Review

Who loves a wee trip to the Hunter Valley?  

Me too!!

Here’s where we stayed the last time, I’d call it a camp site but of course it isn’t really that at all.  There are heaps of different types of accommodation.

Not a sponsored post, by the way, we paid our way and enjoyed our stay.

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An Irish Breakfast- at Harrigans Pub in The Hunter Valley

We do love a buffet breakfast.  And the twins were over the moon to try an Irish breakfast when we stayed at Harrigans Irish Pub in the Hunter Valley.

Me too. Mine is the plate of tomatoes, mushrooms, scrambled eggs and, yes, mince.   Very Irish.

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The Twins Review – Harrigans Irish Pub + Acomodation

Oh happy days! I do just love getting away from home.  Love leaving and then adore getting back.

As a single young slapper I zoomed all over the place, most exotic perhaps was the scuba diving off Zanzibar.  Since I had the kids, I’ve found that a trip across town can be equally challenging.

These days, I’m starting to almost enjoy getting away with the kids in tow.  It’s becoming less sheer ardure and more of an adventure.  About time!

Here’s a photo and video mini-review of Harrigan’s Irish Pub and Accomodation.

This is where the twins and I stayed for the night when we went to see the Christmas Lights Spectacular at the Hunter Valley Gardens.

Here’s a twin-tastic minute of video, where their expert opinion is revealed.

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Hunter Valley Gardens Christmas Lights Spectacular Video

Now lets get this straight, I’m not saying the video is spectacular….

I mean, it’s ok, but it’s the Christmas Lights that are spectacular.

Here’s a wee peek at what we saw at Hunter Valley Gardens and the twins’ not very thoughtful review of what they enjoyed.

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The British Lolly Shop at the Hunter Valley Gardens – Yum!

Here’s a visual feast for anyone who grew up in the UK.

In Scotland we called them ‘sweetie shops,’ and our grannies bought sweeties from them for us. My granny always had a supply of treacle toffees for all occasions.  I had missed those treacle toffees for many years!

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