Huskisson Triathlon 2013 – Booking Ahead To Avoid Disappointment

Triathlon 4.JPG

'Book ahead to avoid disappoinment' was the mantra of a TV producer pal in Glasgow. She knew that time moves fast when you're shooting and editing so our social plans were best made in … [Read more...]

Huskisson Jetty Playground – Jervis Bay Family Fun

playground 2

Just a quick post to add to the last Huskisson playground post. There's another little play area in a handy spot in Husky. No shade at all though so it can be a bit burny in the summer. … [Read more...]

Family Fun at Jervis Bay – The Bay and Basin Pool

Curl curl walkway 1

So what do you do at Jervis Bay on a rainy day? Yes, I know, it's a horrifying prospect, but we cannot tell a lie. The weather is bad occasionally at Jervis Bay. Sad but true. We often pack … [Read more...]

Hyams Beach Store + Cafe: Jervis Bay’s Best Cafes

Hyams menu

Shhh.... don't tell everyone about this cafe.... just the people you love best. This is one of my very favourite fave cafes at Jervis Bay. It's the Hyams Beach Store and Cafe, a glorious little … [Read more...]

Whales and Dolphins Videos- Jervis Bay

Dolphins Jervis Bay

My children have been asking to see the little bit of video we shot of the dolphins who came to say g'day when we were on our fast boat trip around Jervis Bay. And now they've got themselves off to … [Read more...]

More Dangerous But Fun- Jumping off Moona Moona Creek Bridge

bridge jump

So this summer we've all been at it, leaping with gay abandon off this bridge into the creek below. Is anything more fun in this entire universe? Bridge jumping is an activity which has stood … [Read more...]

Jervis Bay Family Fun- Boat Trip Around the Bay


As a briny old seadog from way back, I'm always over the moon to be out at sea. The Intn'l Man of Mystery, however, gets shockingly seasick.  So the day he and Teen14 went to Sydney to see the … [Read more...]

Welcome New Readers!!

Jervis Bay map

Hello there to all the new visitors who are finding this blog via Google search.  It must be the public holidays, with lots of families looking for fun places to go and checking facts on great … [Read more...]

Family Fun at Jervis Bay – Moona Moona Creek, Huskisson


Families with young children listen up! Quick, grab your buckets and spades and dash to the car. Drive immediately to Moona Moona Creek.  You won't regret it! For at Moona Moona Creek, you will … [Read more...]

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