The Balmoral Boathouse Cafe: Sydney’s Most Child-Friendly Cafes {Updated}

Cafe ext WS

Quick, quick, hurry up. If we pack up now we can be there in 30 minutes! This cafe is in a lovely location, right by the beautiful Baths. There are scrumptious views over the beach and the harbour, … [Read more...]

Sydney’s Best Playgrounds – Willoughby Park on Sydney’s North Shore (Updated)

Jamie new roundabout at Willoughby

Just a few photos and an update to this post on one of our favourite playgrounds on Sydney's north shore. … [Read more...]

Wizzy World, Willoughby- Sydney’s Best Kids Play Centres {Updated}

Basketball court

Ah, the joy I have felt whilst sitting firmly on my bottom, drinking a coffee and watching my children play! Wizzy World is pretty close to where we live, not the closest but worth a trip when the … [Read more...]

Sydney’s Best Fenced Playgrounds – NORTH {Updated}

North - fenced playgrounds

It was the search for the ideal fully fenced playground that set me off researching Sydney's best places. I had a really wild, hyper boy-child who was a serial bolter.  I could run faster than him … [Read more...]

Balmoral Beach Playground – Sydney’s Best Playgrounds

A playground by the beach, how lovely. This small playground at Balmoral is in a fantastic area, just by the netted baths and very close to the cafe. Slurp! It's also right on the sand at an area … [Read more...]

Wannabees Family Play Town – Sydney’s Best Indoor Play Centres


Wannabees is a play centre deluxe, with the added benefit of play leaders and fantastic dress ups and imaginative play spaces. The play centre has been set up like a small town, a play leader takes … [Read more...]

Wannabees Play Town – More Photos


You can read my full description of this play centre with a difference on this post. Hope you enjoy a great play if you visit Wannabee Play Town!   … [Read more...]

Talking Heads Cafe, Killarney Heights – Sydney’s Best Cafes For Kids


Down in the depths of darkest Killarney Heights there is a great wee kid-friendly hub with cafes, handy shops, kids art and dance classes and a couple of good cafes. Our regular haunt is Talking … [Read more...]

How To Make Cheese – A Beginners’ Workshop


Making cheese at home is easy, after all every milkmaid worth her salt could do it not so very long ago. But home cheesemaking is a bit of a lost art these days. No longer here at Smith Towers!! … [Read more...]

Roseville Cinema – Child-Friendly Cinemas in Sydney

Roseville cinema baby crying room

Roseville is a really charismatic, old-fashioned picture house. It's a family owned and operated independent cinema, quite a breath of fresh air. I'm terribly fond of it for it's olde worlde … [Read more...]

Clifton Gardens Beach and Baths, Mosman – Sydney’s Best Beaches for Kids

beach 2

Well, it's not great weather for a beach post this week but here's one anyway. Because of course, Clifton Gardens has the lovely playground,plus a kiosk, so it's a terrific destination at any time … [Read more...]

Warners Park Playground, Northbridge – Sydney’s Best Secret Playgrounds

Warners Park  - 01

Don't you love it when you accidentally stumble upon a hidden treasure? Warners Park Playground is one, it's tucked between Northbridge and Castlecrag and you might never, ever find it. Yet it's … [Read more...]

Sydney’s Best Cafes for Kids- Echo On The Marina Cafe

cafe 1

Now here's a wonderful spot which I'd have loved to have taken my children to when they were little, but never dared. Mine are a bit wild. They'd have been splashing off the end of the marina in … [Read more...]

Sydney’s Best Beaches for Kids – Whale Beach

Just south of the millionaires’ playground of Palm Beach, around the lofty cliffs is Whale Beach. It’s a much smaller beach, nestled between two striking cliff faces and it has the most spectacular … [Read more...]

Sydney’s Best Playgrounds – Buffalo Creek Reserve, Hunters Hill

Buffalo Creek 2.JPG

It's always a wonderful thing to find a fantastic new playground. Here's one that was new for the third edition of Sydney For Under Fives. It's in a wonderful central location, great for meeting with … [Read more...]

Sydney’s Best Ocean Pools – MacCallum Pool, Cremorne Point

MacCallum Info board

Hop on the ferry at Circular Quay, get off at Cremorne Point and then amble along the walkway to this hidden gem on the waters of the harbour. The views over Sydney Harbour are absolutely gorgeous. … [Read more...]

Sydney’s Best Beaches for Kids- Balmoral Beach + Baths

Balmoral Baths Boardwalk

Come on summer, come on!  We long to get down to Balmoral again!! Balmoral is a beach of many parts, the photos here are of the baths area, which has a wooden walkway all around and is protected by … [Read more...]

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