Self Care on Sunday 10: Unsubscribe!

unsubscribe 2

After last weekend's e-switchoff, I got home on Monday night to the inbox from hell. OK, most of it is about the kids, that's true. Teachers' emails, class mums' emails, sporting team emails, music … [Read more...]

Self Care Saturday 9: If You Need Me, Send A Pigeon

But written on Friday and scheduled because I am off for the weekend, and it's going to be totally tech-free. Emails have been harassing me all week, I work hard to get them under control and then … [Read more...]

Self Care Saturday 8: A Weepy Farewell To Cipramil


It's been a bit of a weepy week here at Casa Catastrophe, but I'm not unhappy about it. Nor unhappy at all really. Some things are worth a wee weep, and a few of those things happened, as they … [Read more...]

Self-Care on Saturday 7: Leaving The Laptop Behind

Boogie boarding

Well, it's been a mixed up week of transitions and comings and goings. Bethany au pair flew off to New Zealand, then a few hours later our Intn'l Man of Mystery flew in from Kurdistan. It's a … [Read more...]

Self Care Saturday 6: I Can’t Believe I’ve Bloody Well Done It Again!!

Great news pants though, it's not all doom and gloom.

Jeezus, I am laughing at myself. But so bloody knackered that I could shed a tear too. It's so bloomin' typical of me. Look after myself, do lovely things... but do TOO MANY OF … [Read more...]

Self Care Saturday 5: The ‘Don’t Panic’ Edition

Goggle eyes 2

Because I did panic this week. Which wasn't the way it was supposed to be. The children all went off to school joyfully, into Years 10, 8 and 1 respectively. The house was deadly quiet but … [Read more...]

Self Care Saturday 4: The Australia Day Edition


Mates, Aussies, Countrymen, put down your beers. Lets us concentrate for a moment on thinking how the week has been and how we have taken care of ourselves. Frankly, it's been an up and down week … [Read more...]

Self Care Saturday 3: Dividing To Conquer And My Birthday

Seana Smith 49th birthday

Whew! That was a busy two weeks.  We've been up and down between Sydney and Jervis Bay like wee rockets. With some careful planning, and the assistance of the lovely Bethany our au pair, I did a … [Read more...]

Self-Care Saturday 2: Candles and Flowers For Me {From Me}

Lilies small

Sadly, none of these lovely things are gifted to me as love tokens by my husband. … [Read more...]

Self-Care Saturday 1: What Have You Done To Look After Yourself This Week?


A photo of the bright green sea weed we swam over at Mona Vale this morning. Gorgeous!I have a notion for a regular post called Self Care Saturday. A wee record of what I've done to look after myself … [Read more...]

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