Self Care on Sunday 10: Unsubscribe!


After last weekend’s e-switchoff, I got home on Monday night to the inbox from hell.

OK, most of it is about the kids, that’s true. Teachers’ emails, class mums’ emails, sporting team emails, music teacher emails, kids social lives’ emails. Everything in their life seems to be funnelled through me and my brain’s exploding just from trying to keep up with the kid-related correspondance.

Anyway, can’t do much about all that, it’s my work email.

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Self Care Saturday 9: If You Need Me, Send A Pigeon

But written on Friday and scheduled because I am off for the weekend, and it’s going to be totally tech-free.

Emails have been harassing me all week, I work hard to get them under control and then the buggers all come bounding back, flooding my intray and giving me the heebie jeebies.

Next week some serious unsubscribing needs to take place.

Better keep the work and school ones though.

Anyway, I’m not even taking my phone with me.

If you need me, send a pigeon.

Or light a fire and try smoke signals!

Are you chilling out this weekend?

Well, as much as one can when

surrounded by pesky kids/husbands etc?


Self Care Saturday 8: A Weepy Farewell To Cipramil

It’s been a bit of a weepy week here at Casa Catastrophe, but I’m not unhappy about it.

Nor unhappy at all really.

Some things are worth a wee weep, and a few of those things happened, as they will do in life.

The emotion comes, the tears come, the emotion passes and the tear dry up… and back to the daily routine.

antidepressants in a handbag

A packet of Cipramil and the prescription have been in my handbag for a few years now (safest and easiest place, I though.) Time for a handbag clear out. To be honest, time for a new handbag!

I’ve written on the blog before that I’ve been taking Cipramil for a few years.

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Self-Care on Saturday 7: Leaving The Laptop Behind

Well, it’s been a mixed up week of transitions and comings and goings.

Bethany au pair flew off to New Zealand, then a few hours later our Intn’l Man of Mystery flew in from Kurdistan.

It’s a sharp and hilarious contrast to go from living with a lively and lovely 24 year old American to a lanky Scottish 45 year old engineer of the strong and silent variety.

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Self Care Saturday 6: I Can’t Believe I’ve Bloody Well Done It Again!!

jellyfish taken at Manly Jeezus, I am laughing at myself.

But so bloody knackered that I could shed a tear too.

It’s so bloomin’ typical of me.

Look after myself, do lovely things… but do TOO MANY OF THEM.

Packing too much in, doing too much, taking on too much…… is so very much part of my make up, and it’s what trips me up constantly.

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Self Care Saturday 5: The ‘Don’t Panic’ Edition

Goggle eyes 2 Because I did panic this week.

Which wasn’t the way it was supposed to be.

The children all went off to school joyfully, into Years 10, 8 and 1 respectively.

The house was deadly quiet but the piles of things to do were deadly high.

I sat down at my desk and looked at the long-ignored emails, bills, letters, cards, jury summons, insurance renewals, Visa bills, lists of things to do for No.1 son, speech therapy recommendations for two boys, notes from schools x four kids.

Heart was palpitating, chest was heaving with unsobbed sobs.

I’ve never had a panic attack in my life, but I think the start of them might feel just like that.

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Self Care Saturday 4: The Australia Day Edition


First page of my first Aussie photo album

Mates, Aussies, Countrymen, put down your beers.

Lets us concentrate for a moment on thinking how the week has been and how we have taken care of ourselves.

Frankly, it’s been an up and down week here at Casa Catastrophe for myself, the four boisterous bairns and our long suffering au pair, Bethany.

There’s been lovely times, and horrible kid-bickering times.

And I’ve lost the rag, jumped up and down and foamed at the mouth a few times.

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Self Care Saturday 3: Dividing To Conquer And My Birthday

Whew! That was a busy two weeks. ¬†We’ve been up and down between Sydney and Jervis Bay like wee rockets.

With some careful planning, and the assistance of the lovely Bethany our au pair, I did a bit of dividing and conquering the kids which worked really well. Whew again!

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Self-Care Saturday 2: Candles and Flowers For Me {From Me}

Sadly, none of these lovely things are gifted to me as love tokens by my husband.

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Self-Care Saturday 1: What Have You Done To Look After Yourself This Week?

A photo of the bright green sea weed we swam over at Mona Vale this morning. Gorgeous!

I have a notion for a regular post called Self Care Saturday. A wee record of what I’ve done to look after myself during the week.

I’d love you to list a few things you did this week to look after yourself in the comments.

Mums can be SO CRAP at looking after themselves and putting their needs first.

It always backfires. Don’t do it girls.

Take up RUTHLESS self care. The family will thank you for it.

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