A Tall Ship Family Pirate Cruise on Sydney Harbour – Our Family Review

A Tall Ship Family Pirate Cruise on Sydney Harbour Aaarrrr me hearties… no seriously, you need to get right into piratical mindset, this is a family cruise with a seriously fun theme.

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The International Fleet Review On Sydney Harbour – Top Tips For Visiting With Kids

International Fleet Review for families

We went down to the Harbour to see the ships of the International Fleet Review this morning.

I’m not kidding you, it was spectacular to see all those huge ships in the sparking blue of Sydney Harbour.

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How To Treat Bluebottle Stings – Sydney’s Most Annoying Sea Creatures!

Blue bottle text

Yes, these stings were as painful as they look.

Ouchy ouch!

Bluebottles are commonly found on Sydney beaches, and indeed, around all of Australia.

The official name for these marine maniacs is physalia. But I much prefer the name I learned as a child Portuguese man o’ war.

bluebottle stings on legs Sydney

These jellyfish aren’t found in Scotland but we grew up with dreadful images of them, and the sure knowledge that, if you were ever stung, you were a goner.

Not true at all!

Luckily for me, most bluebottle stings are not too serious, though they can be very painful. (But there are rare exceptions – see below.)

bluebottle stings on thigh Sydney

bluebottles sign on beach

You’ll see this sign up at Sydney beaches when there are bluebottles around. Thanks Carolyn from Desire Empire for this lovely photo.

These nasty stings that I got last summer were ENTIRELY my own fault. I saw lots of bluebottles washed up on the beach, so I knew that If I swam I’d be asking for a sting.  But I just couldn’t resist the lure of an ocean swim.

These stings really were sore at the time, but I just showered and then they weren’t too bed and didn’t itch TOO much. Most bluebottle stings will be in long welts like mine, caused by the trailing long tentacles.

Treating Bluebottle Stings

Modern treatments for bluebottle stings around our Sydney beaches do not involve papaya, vinegar or urine.

Rinse the stung area with seawater, it’s fine to pick tentacles off with the fingers.

Rinse with warm to comfortably hot water, or soak if that’s possible.

If the person stung is a child, or has asthma or allergies it may be adviasable to visit a doctor as rare cases of severe breathing difficulties have occurred.

If any swelling occurs around stings to the face or throat, call an ambulance immediately.

Have you survived a sting from one of these savage jellyfish?

Can you share a top tip?

Happy swimmingSignature

I’ve also been bitten by leeches and stung by sea lice, see those posts for tips on prevention and what to do if not prevented.

What’s next, I wonder…. err…..








Seahorses in Sydney – The Aquarium Exhibit + Interview With Seahorse Expert

seahorses sydney aquarium harbour

I have been mad on seahorses since I was just a young scuba diver.

Many moons ago, I was diving along the shark nets at Parsley Bay and came across some of these elegant creatures. They were just sitting there on the nets looking totally unconcerned about two divers staring at them in close up.

It really was a magical moment in my life.

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When To Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge And Why – Our Family Story and Review

BridgeClimb Sydney Flags Morning
Our family first climbed the Bridge as a way of healing, bonding and putting the past behind us.

The Intn’l Man of Mystery took Dexbox on his 10th birthday.  Dex had been stressed, upset and getting into strife at school for quite a while.

Or, to put it another way, as we sometimes did; he’d been being bloody difficult, stroppy, wilful, painful.

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Redleaf Pool, Now Known As Murray Rose Pool, Double Bay

Redleaf Pool, you are so gorgeous.

If we lived within walking distance of Murray Rose Pool (as Redleaf Pool has been renamed), we’d come here ALL the time.

But since we have to drive over, it’s a bit of a hassle to get to this lovely and family-friendly harbour pool. The parking is very tricky.

if we ever have a boat, we’ll sail over there tho’ as it’s such a lovely spot.

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Murray Rose Pool, aka Redleaf Pool – More Photos

redleaf pool murray rose pool lady showers

Showering after a swim at Murray Rose Pool

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