A Tall Ship Family Pirate Cruise on Sydney Harbour – Our Family Review

20131004 Tall Ships-008-blog

Aaarrrr me hearties... no seriously, you need to get right into piratical mindset, this is a family cruise with a seriously fun theme. … [Read more...]

The International Fleet Review On Sydney Harbour – Top Tips For Visiting With Kids

20131004 Tall Ships-002-blog

We went down to the Harbour to see the ships of the International Fleet Review this morning. I'm not kidding you, it was spectacular to see all those huge ships in the sparking blue of Sydney … [Read more...]

How To Treat Bluebottle Stings – Sydney’s Most Annoying Sea Creatures!

blue bottle thigh 2

Yes, these stings were as painful as they look. Ouchy ouch! Bluebottles are commonly found on Sydney beaches, and indeed, around all of Australia. The official name for these marine maniacs … [Read more...]

Seahorses in Sydney – The Aquarium Exhibit + Interview With Seahorse Expert

Weedy Sea Dragon TMARSHALL APR 2012 copy

I have been mad on seahorses since I was just a young scuba diver. Many moons ago, I was diving along the shark nets at Parsley Bay and came across some of these elegant creatures. They were just … [Read more...]

When To Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge And Why – Our Family Story and Review

BridgeClimb Dawn Climb Sydney Opera House

Our family first climbed the Bridge as a way of healing, bonding and putting the past behind us. The Intn'l Man of Mystery took Dexbox on his 10th birthday.  Dex had been stressed, upset and … [Read more...]

Redleaf Pool, Now Known As Murray Rose Pool, Double Bay


Redleaf Pool, you are so gorgeous. If we lived within walking distance of Murray Rose Pool (as Redleaf Pool has been renamed), we'd come here ALL the time. But since we have to drive over, it's … [Read more...]

Murray Rose Pool, aka Redleaf Pool – More Photos

[Read more...]

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