Tree Top Adventure Park in Western Sydney

 It’s not fair!

I want a turn!

For once it was me whinging rather than the twins.

They loved their morning on the three children’s courses at Tree Tops Adventure Park at Plough and Harrow Park in Western Sydney Parklands.

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Tree Top Adventure Park, Sydney – More Photos

Lots more photos, a video and all the info you need at this post.

Treetops Adventure Park Sydney

Minnie The Minx loved all these wobbly walks

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Lizard Log Playground and Picnic Area, Horsley Park

It’s been 10 years since our first visit to this lovely playground.  It was called Pimelea Playspace in those days, and was and is a terrific feature of the huge Western Sydney Parklands.

This is a wonderful area for a big picnic, the facilities are really terrific. But the kids will also enjoy coming for a play at any time!

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The Richmond Regent Twin Cinema – Child-friendly Cinemas in Sydney


I’m starting off a series of posts about fantastic family-friendly cinemas and screenings with the historic Richmond Regent Twin Cinema.

If you live near Richmond, this is the cinema for you.

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Blaxland Riverside Park – More photos

Last post was a full description of the excellent playground at Blaxland Riverside Park. Here are some more photos for your delectation!

We visited Blaxland Riverside Park playground on a grey day, the sun only peaked through at the end of our visit. So these photos don’t do justice to the views at all.

Never mind, we’ll just have to pop over there again sometime soon. The kids will be delighted.

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Blaxland Riverside Park Playground – Sydney’s Best Playgrounds

The playground at Blaxland Riverside Park is pretty blooming spectacular.

If you ignore the fact that there’s very little shade, it’s really got the lot.

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