The Elephant Safari Park Bali – A Family Photo Review

I’m inking up for Wordless Wednesdays with My Little Drummer Boys, sharing some photos from a day trip we did in Bali, to the glorious Elephant Safari Park near Ubud.  It was marvellous, you read all about the park here.

Trying to be wordless so all I will say is I love the hairy heads of baby elephants!!!

Elephant Safari Park Bali Ubud

What’s been your family’s favourite animal encounter?


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  1. How exciting!
    Awesome photos. x

    • It was a hoot. The elephants seemed very happy there, and were very friendly! There’s a whole story as to how they were rescued and brought there.

  2. Wow! That looks like a really fun adventure.

    • It was, and we went hours and hours there. The little children needed to watch other people feeding he elephants for a while before they plucked up the courage.

  3. Aren’t they just lovely and what an exciting experience.

    • It was quite amazing, I’m sure the kids won’t forget…nor I. Popping over in a min to visit you, just got to do the final touches to twins’ bedtime first.

  4. Sooooo fuzzy! Elephants are great. I’ve been to Ubud, but didn’t know there were elephants nearby. Looks like you all had fun.

    • Fuzzy is exactly the word. Hey, we used to call Rusty Rocket ‘Fuzzy Boy’ when he was a baby cos his hair stood up on end just like that.

      I would love to stay in Ubud one day… it’d be a great place to go with NO KIDS!!

  5. Gorgeous photos, Seana. I love elephants – and babies hairy heads. Such incredible creatures. :)

    • And it was totally amazing to be so close to them and to stay there for ages. I’ve been looking forward to sharing these piccies.

  6. wonderful photos

  7. I love the elephants such graceful creatures will all that bulk.

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