Top 5 Podcasts For Mums On The Run

Oh thank goodness for podcasts; nothing would get done round the house without them. Nor at the gym.  And the delightful drive down to the South Coast would be far less edifying. All we mums on the run need a few distractions as we go about our endless daily tasks.

Here are my favourites. All of these podcasts can be found on iTunes, I download them to my iPhone, then tuck it into my bra and off we go.

Chris Evans Breakfast – The Best Bits

From the BBC and as broadcast on Radio Two, this cheeky chappie and his gang make hilarious breakfast radio, aided and abbetted by numerous chatty celebs and the Great British Public. This is my very favourite for tidying up the kitchen, washing dishes and hanging up the washing.  These tasks are far more appealling when in the company of guests like John Cleese, George Michael, Hugh Lawrie and of course the irepressible Chris Evans.

Front Row Highlights

From the BBC and as broadcast on Radio Four, Front Row is an arts programme broadcast each weekday evening.  There’s music, visual arts, movies, literature, poetry and more on offer with recent interviewees including Kate Bush, Rob Lowe and Beryl Bainbridge.   I recommend Front Row for long drives (when the kids are plugged into the car’s DVD player.)

Conversations with Richard Fidler

Broadcast on the ABC, this is simply the best interview program on the radio. Richard is a wonderful, very engaged interviewer and his subjects are carefully chosen.  There’s never a dull guest, not even me when I was on with Benison O’Reilly. I honestly listen to every single interview Richard does, sometimes weeks or months after they are broadcast but that’s the beauty of podcasts.   I listen to Conversations when cooking, tidying and folding clothes; any motherhood task that you are doing for the zillionth time will be much improved by listening to Richard.

All In The Mind

Broadcast on the ABC and presented by Natasha Mitchell, this programme is all about brains and the mind.  It can tackle some painful subjects and some complicated ones.  I have dearly loved family members with schizophrenia, autism spectrum and anxiety, plus my own interesting mental health history, so for me this  is riveting radio.  If I am ever on a long drive alone, I always listen to a few of these and reach my destination with brain fizzing with energy and ideas.

The Health Report

Broadcast on the ABC and presented by Dr Norman Swan, this program rewards the loyal listener in many ways, not least by being a real education in medicine, science and healthy scepticsm.  All of human life is here and Norman Swan is a terrific presenter.  Over the years, I have learned a huge amount and gained a much better understanding of the ins and outs of medicine, drugs and drug companies. I love to listen to these at the gym where I need all the distraction I can get and the topic of health is totally suitable.

What’s your favourite distraction from the mundanities of motherhood?  How do you keep your brain stimulated and amused?  Do you love podcasts?  Any suggestions? I’d love to hear of other good ones.

I’m linking this post to the lovely Maxabella’s Weekend Grateful, because I really am grateful for the mental stimulation as I go about my mindless regular household activities.
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  1. A big tick for the programs that you’ve listed.
    I’d add Radio National’s ‘Life Matters’, ‘Elsewhere’ and ‘Books’ and ‘Artscape’. If I’m not able to listen to them live or if I want to relisten/view something then the podcasts are brilliant.

    Top post, I’ll be popping back to see what everyone else suggests.

    xx Felicity

    • Thanks so much Felicity, I will definitely have a listen to your suggestions whilst I am revelling in domesticity.

  2. I obviously need to be listening to more podcasts! These sound fab! Mine is reading…. when I get the time! ;)

  3. Yeah Pod casts are great! I’ll have to check them out!

  4. I am so far behind the times… Podcasts are one of the reasons I will eventually use the iPod I got as a handmedown from my 11yr old stepdaughter :)

  5. This is an really informative post so thanks for sharing. I am clearly missing out on a lot.
    My reasons for chirpiness are on my new blog at

  6. Glad I’m not the only one who puts the iphone in the bra strap whilst exercising! Happy Listening xox

  7. I must listen to more podcasts as they can be so uplifting!

    • That is definitely true, especially the Conversations with Richard Fidler, the people interviewed are often really inspirational.

  8. Great suggestions Seana, Chris Evans sounds very entertaining as do the others. I’m so over the music on my iphone as I’ve listened to the songs over and over over…. Thanks for the fresh idea. xx

  9. Oh i’m just not into technology enough to download them, but my husband does when we’re on long car trips (we’ve never fallen into the trap of having misbehaved children in the car or having to suffer their awful music, the car is ours OURS!!) It’s a great idea, but i like to blank out when at the gym, so i’d be more into music or anything remotely intellectual these days, love Posie

  10. I love watching old tv-series whilst doing boring things like folding laundry or washing up. clarissa explains it all is my absolute favourit atm. I just love the girls’ outfits, they always make me smile! ^^

    • I used to watch more, but don’t have Foxtel so no IQ and no bank of shows… very sad… but the main thing is to have fun whilst we do the repetitive stuff.

  11. I havew nto listened to a podcast for a whilw, you have reminded me to dig my iPod out.

    Cheers Mich x

  12. I love podcasts and internet radio when poodling around the house doing all those things we do. Here are my favourites:

    Hayhouse radio – radio for the soul(
    enlightening and inspiring.

    For a laugh try BTR – the Virtual Laughter Club available on I-tunes.

    • Thanks for the suggestions Mairi, will try these ones out. You’ll probably have more reccomendations from Europe soon!

  13. OK Miss Seana, this is a popular post. Looks like you might have hit on something your readers like?!

    Haha, and maybe you should start your own podcasts:)

  14. Christie says:

    How funny Seana! I subscribe to all of those except Front Row – thanks for the tip and great list! :)

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