Jervis Bay Beach Walks: The White Sands Walk And A Bit More

20131203-8 Jervis Bay-017It’s not often that I get to escape out of the beach side garden gate alone… so when the chance came recently, I grabbed it with both… well, with both feet really.

I fancied a walk… and I had a good few hours’ ticket of leave… so I thought I’d walk over to Hyams Beach; why not?


I wandered along the walking/biking track along Elizabeth Drive and then down onto the beach and then the rock platforms towards Plantation Point.

Here’s the entire route that I took.

20130818 White Sands Walk-022

20130818 White Sands Walk-001

This is the beach as you look back towards Vincentia and Collingwood Beach with Plantation Point behind.

It was low tide so I walked around the rocks at the Point and then on to the pretty beaches that dot the coastline here, all sparkling and blue and freshly wave-washed.

20130818 White Sands Walk-002

There’s Blenheim and Greenfields beaches, there’s Chinamans and Seamans…

20130818 White Sands Walk-003

Mot of the walking is done along with beach.

20130818 White Sands Walk-005

And this day I did see dolphins playing in the Bay, but too far away to be made out in this photo!

20130818 White Sands Walk-008

There are some information boards along the tracks.

20130818 White Sands Walk-010

A bit of shade as you dodge along through the trees.

20130818 White Sands Walk-011

Information about the Marine Park, how it’s zoned and why it works well.

20130818 White Sands Walk-012

The White Sands Walk itself is pretty short – more details on that at the bottom of this post. It’s a handy one to do with children, not too challenging but with cake and coffee and gorgeous white sands at the end.

20130818 White Sands Walk-013

My life is mostly busy and noisy, so to be out in the bush and beach, with just my shadow for company, was such a rare treat.

20130818 White Sands Walk-014

And look, there’s the little township of Hyams Beach right there.

20130818 White Sands Walk-016

I try for a bit of a moody shot here…

20130818 White Sands Walk-017

The great thing about getting to Hyams after a 7km walk from home is that the sublime Hyams Beach Cafe awaits with open arms… and coffee and muffins.

20130818 White Sands Walk-019

No need to think great thoughts, or even to write them.

Sometimes a simple walk with just the sound of the birds and the waves is just enough.

The White Sands Walk

The White Sands Walk starts officially at the Greenfield Beach picnic area, which is at the cul de sac at the very end of Elizabeth Drive, Vincentia.  See the info on the Jervis Bay National Park website here.

Check out a map of the walk here, there is also info there on the Scribbly Gum Track which is a return loop inland.

For more info on Jervis Bay National Park click here.


Family Fun At Jervis Bay

Click here for my post linking to all of the walks and other activities we’ve enjoyed at Jervis Bay:

Best Things To Do At Jervis Bay With Kids


Don’t you just love being by the sea?

Happy splashing, 


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  1. A beautiful walk. The water is so wonderfully blue. The dappled shade over the sandy path is so Australian. I love your walking hat. It looks like an Artisan piece!

  2. Indeed. A simple walk and sound of the birds. I don’t make the time to do that often enough. A very nice stroll.

  3. Absolutely beautiful beach shots! I can see that you had a great time on your own.

  4. Wow, what a beautiful walk, Seana. So rejuvenating!
    We have a Blenheim here in Jamaica but it’s not a beach. Thanks for helping me relax.

  5. This is such a beautiful and peaceful walk. It looks like you had the beaches all to yourself too. Thanks for the reminder to do more walks of solitude like these amongst the chaotic life we lead as mothers. The water photos enough have calmed me.

    • Seana Smith says:

      Totally chaotic lives as mothers… so many things to be dealt with every day… thank goodness for small changes and breaks.

  6. It’s hard to remember to take care of ourselves sometimes, isn’t it. Looks like you found a very rejuvenating way. The beauty and solitude of that walk looks so very inviting. And ending a 7km walk with that coffee and muffin is a fab idea.

  7. Looks like a gorgeous spot and there is nothing like a beach walk listening to the sound of the waves. And what a bonus if it gives you a bit of time out from the family too :)

    • Seana Smith says:

      Maybe we will end up down there one day, you and I Annabel? We could have a lovely time… one day!

  8. What a gorgeous walk. All of your shots are lovely. If I lived close by, I’d be out there everyday! Thanks for linking up this week.

    • Seana Smith says:

      I love our house down the coast… dreaming of it on this sweaty Sydney day when I’ve been in ALL day.

  9. Ohh i want to walk there… away from the rain that is pelting down here. It looks divine Seana xx

    • Seana Smith says:

      I think my state if mind is quite different when out of the Sydney city and suburbs… one day we’ll live down there… just got to get these bairns all grown up first.

  10. Love your walking hat, it looks very artsy! But most of all I loved the details and pics of your walk, the beautiful colour of the sea, the dappled light and the serenity that you managed to convey.

    • Seana Smith says:

      It was so lovely… feels very remote from daily life here in the Sydney suburbs… hoping to get south again soon. xx

  11. Hi Seana,
    I absolutely love the photos of Jervis Bay! It looks beautiful and somewhere my family would really enjoy. I have two active sons and all the great places and things to do would really suit us. Do you have any suggestions of where to stay for a weeks’ holiday in the area? My family have only been on holidays on the north coast so we are not familiar with the Jervis Bay area. I really enjoyed reading all your stories! Thanks for sharing them,Kylie.

    • Seana Smith says:

      Hello Kylie, there are heaps of great houses to rent down there. You can try Stayz, and there’s a company called Jervis bay rentals which does upmarket beach house rentals. Also there are cabins which are comfy at White Sands Holiday Park, and my friends Kate and Steve take families at their B + B which is called Huskisson B + B. There are also motels right within the town of Huskisson. I must write a whole post with photos about accommodation options!!!

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